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The mid-semester break is being cut-short due to the prolonged cancellation of classes in the previous weeks.

Due to continuous strikes and cultural fests in the previous weeks, many classes got cancelled from 26th February 2019 to 8th March 2019. To compensate for the cancelled classes, Professor Yogesh Tyagi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi, in accordance with Professor Tarun Kumar Das, Registrar of the University has decided to shorten the mid-semester break.

Previously, the break was scheduled from 17th March 2019 to 25th March 2019. According to a press release, the classes will now resume on Wednesday, 20th March 2019. A press release stated that the decision is being undertaken for the welfare of the students, so that their studies are not affected. The release also states that the administration understands the difficulty the outstation students face to study in Delhi. On top of that, cancellation of classes because of strikes and fests only harms the academic pursuits of the students.

Despite good intentions of the varsity, the outstation students are unhappy with this decision. Most of them are already in their hometown and have plans for Holi with their friends and family. Agrima, a first-year B.A English (Hons.) student from Gargi College says, “I am from Lucknow. I always book tickets ahead of time because they are cheaper. I had already booked my flight for Sunday, 24th March, but now the classes are beginning early. By any means, I will not be able to come back on time, so I will lose out on my attendance.” Another student from Meerut said that he was not willing to spend Holi away from his family. So, even though he could reach on time, he has decided not to come back for these extra classes.

On the other hand, many students appreciate this move of the University. Praachi Ratra, a B.Com (Hons.) student from Jesus and Mary College stated “Our syllabus was behind the schedule due to the strikes and the fest season. Our teacher usually cancelled the class because there were only a few students in the class. Most of them were enjoying the fests. With these extra classes, the students can also catch up on the missed attendance. I am very thankful to my teachers and the University for co-operating.”

Student unions’ of various colleges like Miranda House, Gargi College, Hansraj College etc. are also unwelcoming of this move. A union member of  Hansraj College said, ” Colleges organise their cultural fests every year, it is a moment of celebration for all of us. It is not a small deal for the college and sometimes classes do get cancelled because there are not many students present. Most of them are busy with the fest preparations. We have never heard  something like this before. The students are already in a holiday mood. How are they going to celebrate Holi away from home?”

DU Beat tried contacting Professor Tarun Kumar Das, but he was unavailable to comment.

Despite criticism, this decision shows that the University is giving education an upfront by resuming classes early.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated and not accepted.

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A crisis every DUite has been through, every semester, with the same level of regret, is the Mid-Sem Crisis. The crisis that keeps bugging you in the back of your head during those merry mid semester times, but you, the happy creature, continue to avoid it.

Mid semester is that part of the semester, when you start liking the college all over again after missing the lazy holiday times. The time when you’re brimming with the zeal to explore and have fun.

But, it is only then, when the realization dawns upon you, that college isn’t as fun a place as you wish to believe. This usually happens when all the teachers one by one, and then all at once; start firing their list of tests and assignments. You try to brave the attacks, but, the crisis begins when the firing takes a toll on the plans you had made for the semester.

Nights spent watching movies or tv series, are now spent writing long assignments and questioning the education system (Why do we need to write assignments!?).

The society practices that seemed fun, now feel like a burden, because test schedules keep bothering you at all times. You can’t find time to explore places and food junctions after college.

And, if you attempt to be the brave woman, who takes up the task to give equal time and effort to everything despite the crisis, you end up being a perpetually sleep deprived, baggy-eyed creature! Gloom starts sinking in.

Gradually the fearlessness in you starts to voice itself. Consequently, you attempt to disregard the Mid-Sem crisis very boldly. You do not give up on plans or watching movies late at night.

Despite the fun, you feel the constant pricking of the long list of tasks to be done. You poor creature decide to give in to the “Do or Die” situation. Prepare for the tests or write assignments in a day or two and breathe a sigh of relief! Furthermore, you perform the ritual of pledging to be a sincere kid the next semester and continue to follow the cycle for the future semesters.

But, my friend, I believe in you, for being the brave fighter, who follows all the steps of the cycle religiously and makes the “Mid Semester Crisis” the most popular DU phenomena!

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Priyal Mahtta

It is that time of the year again! The one-week that keeps you from dropping out of college every semester and considering the Indian Film Industry as your calling. It is the mid semester break! 10 days of early noon mornings and late night phone calls, ones that don’t involve you fretting over an assignment due the next day. Although your colleges have done a fine job at making sure you don’t have too much time to do pretty much anything else other than their own assignments (and projects and practical files!), the mid-sem break is the perfect time to rouse those latent hobbies and interests that can keep you from dropping out, till the next mid sem. If you’re having trouble remembering those, here’s some help:

Pick Up a hobby: When was the last time you thought of learning the guitar? Yesterday. When was the last time you did something about it? Never! Well then, no time like the present. And why just the guitar? Pick up that old box of paints, or that old French book, or that dusty skateboard. Believe me you’re still young enough to pick up something and start afresh.


Try Some New Eating Places: If you’re a food fanatic, then you have some serious catching up to do. With hundreds of new places opening up and your college sucking up all your time, you have been missing out on some superb places. (Refer to our DU Dhaba section, if you need help)



Complete an entire T.V Show Season: Although it might just be the most unproductive use of a day, but you need those days too! Pick a new T.V. show or a new season of an old one and spend the entire day in front of your T.V., in the comfort of your bed. The profound satisfaction of wasting an entire day after days of running around is well worth the little effort.

Watching an entire season in a day


Make your resume, or start thinking of it: This isn’t exactly holiday time agenda, but the best time to think over grave issues like these would be the holidays. Pick up your resume and start punching holes. We all know what we want to do and how to get there. So start thinking of the future plan of action.

Filling out a resume

Becoming best friends with your sweatpants: Let’s be real. A week of no college is bound to be spent on the bed, in front of the TV and/or with a bowl of edible items. But all these activities can be performed wearing the most comfortable attire in the world- The Sweatpants. So, this break become besties with your sweats and have a great week.


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