Matrix 1.0


Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) is known to provide unique and innovative solutions to various problems of the society within the university. It has often known to have worked of problems of gender, disability, history and environment through several of its projects. This time, the mathematics society of CIC- Matrix organised an event ‘Matrix 1.0’ on 5th October 2016 as a unique initiative to dispel the fear of students for Maths through various interactive activities. The daylong event which featured several games, activities and a film screening saw participation of students from across various colleges and several schools in Delhi.

The event started with mathematics quiz prelims, whose qualifiers were paired up for the final round where questions from mathematical philosophy to jigsaw puzzle chose the winners. This was followed by an open film screening of ‘The man who knew Infinity’, a film based on Ramanujan’s life to inspire students to break their fear of mathematics.

After a brisk break, ‘Mathematical Rangoli’ was started. This competition, which was a team affair, saw the participants being judged on the basis of color combination, design and the mathematical concept of their respective Rangoli.  This was followed by ‘chess based games’ where individual participants were pitted against their own self. They were evaluated through several rounds and were judged on the basis of the improvement they showed in subsequent rounds.


Apart from these major competitions, several others were also held throughout the day. Games like Tangram Puzzles which require the players to arrange tans (mathematical shapes) in a given stencil, Magic Polygon Puzzles in which the players had to arrange natural numbers along the sides of given polygons to get a specific sum and many other games ensured that the visitors don’t get bored for even a minute.

The event drew its curtains after prize distribution. “We need more of such events in many other colleges and schools, because it’s in schools where children are most haunted by mathematics.” said one of the participants. This kind of initiative of dispelling notions about a subject is praiseworthy and departments in colleges should organise such events in order to dispel several myths around their own subjects through plays, games, films or other innovative methods.

(With inputs from Priyankesh Dixit)

Srivedant Kar

[email protected]