MASH Project


Want to get insights into the most-awaited event of MASH Project? Read on.

Science, Spirituality, and Language

Do you think spirituality and science are opposites? Well, what if a session explained their collective synergy to you? Sarva Dharma Samvaad’s Manu Singh left behind a profound impact on the audience with his unquestionable familiarity with science and the art of championing the rudimentary notion of spirituality. According to him, spirituality is a path of transition from one’s own sufferings to one’s happiness. Providing a framework to the ongoing deliberation, Mr. Manu told us that there is a voice deep within us that can never cease. A voice that ails most of us. A voice that instigates us to question our scientific temper and rationality and simultaneously allows us to explore our inner selves.


Storyteller and poet Chhaya Dabas introduced fun and engaging activities revolving around poetry and narration. From making the participants write poetry to sharing small tips about gender-neutral language, Chhaya truly left a deep impact.

Teamwork, anyone?

Keshav Gupta from the Dais Foundation, an organisation which seeks to ensure quality education through interventions in curriculums and classrooms, facilitated a comprehensive session on the value of teamwork. From an organizational perspective, as Keshav reiterated upon, any individual is either a process-oriented person or a result-oriented person. A nerve-wracking task intensely based on the principle of “Kobayashi Maru” or the “No-win situation” was given to make the MashKots realize the fact that the quality of teamwork is deeply intrinsic within ourselves, and just needs to be explored at the right time in various situations.


Skills of the future

Will your current skillset still be relevant after 20 years? With the advent of byzantine technology, the nature of certain jobs is going to change in the near future according to Abhishek Singhal, who is a known expert in the field of career consultancy. A small session on future job opportunities prompted the participants to use their grey cells and to develop futuristic lenses to get a vision of the skills that are relevant for the future.

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The day ended on a high note with two stand-up comedians from WIT (Wannabe Idiot Techies), as Madhav Mahajan and Anmol Shukla tickled everyone’s funny bones with the highest levels of waggishness.


Grooving to action

Day two at MASH Camp kicked off with an invigorating Zumba session with Payal Grover, a Reebok certified fitness trainer. Everyone in the session danced their heels off to the rhythmic tunes of some famous Bollywood songs. With the same fervent energy contained within, everyone at the camp attended a mellifluous session on Hindustani classical music with Anjana Ghoshal, a researcher and practitioner of music.

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Ansh Vohra, a renowned photographer and one of the co-founders of the “Pind Collective”; a collaborative Indo-Pak art project, hosted a thought-provoking storytelling session where the entire audience was divided into four groups and was expected to work on the building of a story and recite their plot/version of the story out loud.


Reaching the zenith

Post-lunch, an engaging theatre workshop was organized by Dr. Ramendra Kumar, a director and producer, on the incorporation of theatre in education, music, psychology and daily life.

Eventually, people at the camp found themselves grooving on the melodies of a capella band named Imfresnate. Ranging from desi hip-hop to spiced up Punjabi songs, this band didn’t fail in making people hum (and even dance) along!

Soulful poetry

Rubhen D’Sa, a poet and the founder of Taameer- a community of artists that organizes art events incorporating social issues, recited a poem close to his heart and seemed to have won many hearts in the process. Among other things, with his absolutely soulful narration of his own travelling stories, Rubhen provided insights into a life of a traveller who could get as restless as his unfathomable thoughts and unstable feet.

MASH performances? We’re in!

As the day was rushing towards its culmination, various departments at the MASH Project like Nexus, Communications, and Events gave their departmental performances. Among endless positive vibes of a close-knit collective, the two fun-filled days of MASH Camp 2017 came to an end.

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Until 2018, Alvida.