LitLuminous 2013


The Literary Society, Department of English, Kamala Nehru College is hosting its annual fest, LitLuminous ‘13 on the 26th of February. The theme this year focuses on mythology and is called “Mythopoesis”, the re-interpretation of mythology in contemporary times in popular media, literature etc. The fest aims at conjecturing how myths survive in the contemporary times, with focus on cultural texts and all popular forms of art. The evolution of myths and their reinterpretations as represented in popular culture shall be studied- how mythology transcends the classical era to things we witness every day. Students are encouraged to theorize their own understanding of mythology in their social milieu. LitSoc, KNC invites papers on this theme for the Paper Presentation event. Abstracts shall be accepted till the 20th of February. Shortlisted participants will be intimated and full papers are to be submitted by the 23rd of February. The full papers shall have to be presented on the 26th of February. Presentations can be made both individually as well as in groups of 2-3 members. Gift hampers await all participants. Entries should be mailed to [email protected] Visit the event page for any further details, https://www.facebook.com/events/353059021467678]]>