Upholding the pomp and glamour of the fest season, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College celebrated its annual cultural fest, Lashkara, from February 22nd to 25th, 2017. The four-day show presented a motley of events to be experienced and enjoyed by the student community.

The first day of the fest kicked off with the inauguration ceremony, officially drawing the curtains open to the festivities of Lashkara. The initial two days witnessed a myriad of departments, including political science, mathematics, history, botany, English, Punjabi, BBE, Hindi, economics, commerce, electronics, and B.A. Programme putting on display a diversity of intriguing and enthralling competitions for the participants to devour their interests in. The competitions were a mixture of department-oriented quizzes, contemporary topics, and fun activities.

Ankur, the theatre society of Khalsa College, organised Pratyaksh, a stage play competition, with Shunya of Ramjas College securing the first place. Due to the volatile political environment in the North Campus, the second day of Pratyaksh was postponed to a later date. The poetry society, Acrostics, celebrated the magic of words with Shabdotsav, a slam poetry competition, and Epiphany, an English poetry competition. The western dance society organised Meraki, with Gargi College’s Enliven bagging the first place followed by Sri Venkateswara College’s Verve. Swarang, the music society of Khalsa College, organised Antara, Taal Mel, Swarsagam, and Bandish on the two days to invigourate the music chords of the hearts. Enactus Khalsa, the fine arts society, and the photography society also conjured captivating exhibitions of the work of their members, enhancing the cultural ambience of the fest.

The last day of the fest commenced with the enthralling folk dance performance, attracting the audience with foot-tapping rhythms and enthused souls. The crowd poured in with the anticipation of witnessing the star performance of Guru Randhawa. The Punjabi singer of ‘Suit’ and ‘Patola’ fame invigourated the crowd with contemporary hits, concluding the eventful fest on a merry musical note.


Feature Image Credits: Guru Randhawa, Instagram

Saumya Kalia
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[/caption] It’s that time of the year again when freshers’ parties are the topic of discussion amongst every group of students across Delhi University. Many colleges have had their unofficial freshers’, but their official party is still on the waiting list. SRCC, Hansraj, Khalsa, Miranda House, St Stephens, Lady Shri Ram, Laxmi Bai etc are done with their departmental and unofficial freshers’ while Daulat Ram and Kirori Mal are going to have the same in the coming week. Shri Ram College had its unofficial freshers’ party on 29th of this month at Urban Pind, GK-2. The freshers had to pay Rs 300 each and the party continued from 3 to 7pm. Although very few students turned up, the party was quite a fun. “We sang and danced with our friends, and the food was good too!” says Mansi, a fresher. [caption id="attachment_7548" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Unofficial freshers' at SRCC"][/caption]

Miranda house had its departmental fresher with the theme of “ticket to Bollywood” last week in the college campus itself. Girls dressed up as actresses, danced to the tune of Bollywood music. “Food was good, they had it ordered from McDonald’s but the faulty music system spoiled the fun”, says Vanshika, a fresher from Miranda house. Lady Shri Ram and Laxmi Bai College too had its freshers’ last week with the theme of Angels and Demons at LSR. The girls of Laxmi Bai thoroughly enjoyed the “Miss Laxmi Bai” and solo group dance contest. “We also had rain dance which was terrific, I enjoyed a lot!” says Ridhima, a fresher.

Hansraj had its unofficial departmental freshers’ in Saket last week with each fresher contributing Rs 650. “They were serving alcohol and such stuffs, we don’t drink so it was just so-so”, says Vidushi.  Hansraj’s official freshers’ is meant to be held on 6th or 7th of next month with theme of Chronicles of Harry-oween and Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s unofficial freshers’ is at ice lounge next week.

On the other hand, some colleges are yet to have their freshers’ parties and students are looking forward to it with huge expectations. “I have already decided what to wear on the day, and I am very excited about it. I hope it stands up to my expectations, fingers crossed!” says Shiksha, SRCC.    Aishwarya Chaurasia [email protected] ]]>