Kevil Missal


The concept of Doctor Faustus is something that has been used by writers/artists/musicians/filmmakers throughout the world. One man set out to change the world by killing people with criminal records, is something that all of us have probably come across. On the lines of Deathnote,  Yama by Kevin Missal follows the same story, in the bustling and ever fast-paced Delhi.

The story talks about a man who dresses up in the form of Yama- or one of the Yamduts working under Yamraj- the God of death. Every killing that he makes is peculiar in its own way, exactly like Igor’s killings in The Winner Stands Alone.

The novel is told in the first person by Iravan, an ex Black Cat Commando, who investigates the entire issue from the start. The revelation of the man who was disguised as Yama in the end isn’t surprising and can easily be assumed. But the thrill and the constant clues, conversations, digressions keeps a reader sticking to the story which makes this book a page turner.

The author Kevin Missal is a student of St. Stephen’s College and released this book recently. Though the ideas in the book seem to be taken from a lot of other, different books, the story is compelling and not something you come across written by an Indian author.

Image Credits: Google Images