Kat Kalrav is an annual feature celebrated on 15th August expressing and celebrating Freedom of the Didis of GB Road. An initiative launched by Kat Katha has been working with the Didis and Children of GB Road for over four years for a better life and to pursue their dreams. A Carnival is held every year where we have the Didis and Children come out of their homes and celebrate their freedom with main stream people free of their taboo and marginalisation.

Kat Kalrav 2016 was a little different from the previous years as we felt that there are many more didis who remain locked up in their homes and to reach each and every one of them, it was important that we meet them in their dwellings, pray in their midst and share the joy of chatting with them.

Kat Katha with over 100 volunteers distributed ourselves into groups of three or four and walked into the homes of each and every Didi, sat with them in a circle, and began the chat session with a Sarv Dharm prayer holding hands with a view to fill each and every room with positivity and hope. At the end of the prayer, we chatted with the Didis and while moving out handed them a small packet each contributed by one of our Volunteers containing meetha paan, meethi supari and mouth freshener. In a way helping them to get out of the habit of chewing tobacco, which is harmful.

The “Pyaar ka Mohalla” feeling that we always follow in our daily exchanges with the Didis and Children was greatly reinforced as we held discussions in their own homes

Once the prayer was over, we all collected on the road facing the homes of the Didis, held our hands and formed a human chain along the length of the road and loudly chanted Om, the universal prayer.

Later, all the volunteers assembled in the school and everyone shared their unique experiences.

This Independence Day, a group of compassionate youngsters got together to simply pray for freedom for those who didn’t understand the very word. It was truly something extraordinary.


Guest post by Kat Katha