Justice league


The fifth movie coming from the DC Comics franchise is entertaining-in-parts and reviving, quite literally, with the least muscles flexing from our heroes in their quest to save the humanity.

After the frustrating crises which the previous film Batman vs. Superman had created, the DC Extended Universe was in a desperate need to right those wrongs, mend the loose ends, and make the world believe that DC movies were more than ever-extending duels of our confused heroes fighting for equally confused and comical reasons. This time the heroes quarreled for simpler reasons, and thankfully, did not fight for too long among themselves. It was obvious that the directors had made it a point to not bombard the scenes with chaotic action scenes. The plot was smooth, though it was awkwardly superficial at times.

Ben Affleck, once again, looked uncomfortable in the Bat Suit (even the Bat Suit looked uncomfortable having to bear with him). It is amazing how Ben Affleck has single-handedly made the audience believe that Batman is a normal human with powers too trivial to be called a Superhero. Director Zack Snyder must be aware of this fact, as the focus gradually shifts to other heroes. Gal Gadot owned the screen with her fighting sequences, and other characters too were able to do justice to their roles even in the economy of the shallow plot.

The first half of the movie is promising, with its terrific CGI sequences. The later half develops towards our villain, Steppenwolf and his army of Parademon that is trying to capitalise on the absence of Superman. He goes on hunting for his power sources in Amazon and Atlantis and finally lands up in the zone of our heroes. But a disappointing second half does to him what Germany did to Brazil in the World Cup, almost demoralising the petty thing and making him clearly the weakest villain of our times, with a fitting end.

If you are not planning on dressing up as Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman in the Comic-Con, then you should definitely give Justice League a miss.


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Nikhil Kumar
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