Judgment Day


Colloquium, the fest of NSIT, Dwarka saw on its third day not many spectators, but interesting competitions such as these: Crack the Case was a case-study based competition. First case was uploaded online and out of the thirty entries, ten were selected for the final round. For the final round, ‘The Galilean Canvas’ was given a fictitious case of marketing Galileo’s telescope. The teams were given two hours of prep time during which they had to come up with a high potential but simplistic design and construction. They were to use PPT, bearing in mind the pros and cons and cost effectiveness of the whole process. The winners were:

  1. SSCBS (Rs. 10000)
  2. Delhi School of Economics (Rs. 4000)
The judges were Shruti Jain and Vrinda Aggarwal (both LSR pass-outs), Ministry of Finance. Newshour Debate had a GD as a preliminary round with the topic, Slow and Steady Wins the Race. It was judged by Kunal Singh, an NSIT alumnus. The final round was a Panel Discussion and the topic was, whether Sanjay Dutt’s mercy plea be accepted. The four participants were given the roles of Justice Markandey Katju, Rajkumar Hirani, Subramaniam Swamy and Salman Khusrshid. It was won by:
  1. Anirudh Mittal, SSCBS (Rs.1000)
  2. Anupama Sabu, Gargi College (Rs. 500)
Judgment Day was the last event of the day and was a very interesting one. In the first round, the contestants were given characters such as Mussolini, Hitler, and Mary Antoinette etc. and were briefed about them. The participants were given 3 minutes of preparation time, after which they had to convince the audience as to why shouldn’t they be doomed and sent to hell. Five people went to the second round, which was much better and entertaining because the characters were taken from fiction, like Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix and Sauron etc. This was also judged by Kunal Singh. The winners were: 1. Anugrah Gopinath (Rs. 1000) 2. Dhruv Sisodia, NSIT (Rs. 500)]]>