Having at least one Apple product in hand has become the new trend in today’s times. People leave no opportunity to flaunt their latest Apple gizmo nowadays. In light of the big announcement Apple Inc is going to make tonight, let us take a brief view into the world of most trending Apple Products.


“IF IT’S NOT AN IPHONE, IT’S NOT AN IPHONE” –Apple site was seen very rightly quoting about its product, which is the most sold product ever by Apple Inc. With almost half a billion pieces sold by the start of this year, an iPhone has revolutionized the mobile industry and the smart phone business. Presently Apple continues to sell the 4 variants namely iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 and 6+.
The 5c was a new concept model for Apple launching it in a variety of colours and a plastic body whereas with 5s, was introduced the concept of fingerprint sensors in mobile phones. Both the phones were great, considering their looks, features and size. Last year on this day Apple entered the Big Screen Mobile Market by launching the 5.44 x 2.64 inch iPhone 6 and the 6.22 x 3.06 inch iPhone 6 plus. Both the phones were perfect with their 8mp cameras, A8 processors and their light weights. iPhone 6 and 6+ also has a vastly improved battery life and is a complete package with great looks and its thin width. Although Apple iPhones have always been a worry for our wallets, but still compared to other competing brands, iPhones have a longer life and Apple provides great after sales service

What to Expect at Today’s Launch- Apple is expected to announce the 6s, the 6s+ and the 6c models as rumours say. Also a new Rose gold colour may be introduced in addition to the existing silver, gold and space grey colors. The new phones may also boast of a 4k quality recording and 12 mp camera with a 5mp front camera for all the Selfie freaks out here.With IOS 9 also awaited to be announced for general use today, iPhone lovers can surely expect much from todays launch.


Apple first entered the tablet market with its first product named the iPad. iPads have dominated the tablet market right from the beginning with Apple bringing lots of variations in their subsequent models each year. From the big, thick and fat iPad at its launch, today iPads rule the tablet market with their iPad air, iPad air 2, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 models. Apple first brought in the “air” concept with their ultra-thin and feather weight iPads known as the iPad air. With its two size variants of 9.7 inch and 7.9 inch iPad has been a hot cake product in the market, used by students ,corporates etc.
With its A8x processor, both front and back cameras, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity iPads have become a travel, study and work companion for all.

However like other tablets the size of such tabs make them less portable compared to smartphones and also they fail to compensate for the work a laptop can do.

What to expect at todays launch– Updates to the iPad usually come in October, but there’s a chance we could see a 12.9-inch iPad Pro on Wednesday. The larger tablet should also have Force Touch, as well as a stylus.

Next we take a look at what is inherent to Apple –the MacBook. Coming in two variants the MacBook Pro and the MacBook air, Apple has a good share in the Laptop Industry too. With coloured variants of the MacBook being launched last year Macbooks are just like any other laptops. However, the cheaper models of the MacBook series have quite a small storage space making it less feasible to shed 100 grands for a laptop which ,the range at which you can get way better features in other brands. However the speed, the battery life etc. make MacBooks outstand other brands. Also, you don’t know an Apple, until you own an Apple.

Apple Watch

Apple announced their entry into the fashion industry with the announcing of the Apple Watch. The Apple watch, yet to hit Indian Markets is expected to be the most sold product ever beating the records set by its own product, the iPhone. From the Budget Sports range to the Luxurious Gold Apple Watch, this product is turning out to be a perfect companion for your other apple products. Likely to hit the Indian Markets in the first week of October’15, Apple Watch is one Product you would surely like to spend money on.

Tune in to apple.com tonight at 10.30 pm to catch all the live action happening at the APPLE LAUNCH EVENT from your iphones, ipads, or macbooks .

P.S- Apple users ask SIRI to give you a hint 😉

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