With the campus flooding with suited recruiters and apprehensive candidates, and gossip corridors filled with news of who bagged what company at what pay package, DUB brings to you a special report on the varsity’s placement scenario of for the year 2009-10.

Regulars like Merrill Lynch, Bain and Co., Future’s First, Parthenon Group, Accenture, Copal Partners, Capital One, Deolite, Hewitt Associates, UBS and the likes have been making rounds to colleges on the look out for the best prospective recruits.

The placements are expected to go around till February. For those who are yet to be placed, contacting your college placement cell and sending them your C.V. or getting in touch with the college representative of the DU’s Central placement Cell is a good option. Anyone can register and send in their applications for a fee of Rs.100.

Yati Suri, member of SRCC Placement Cell says, “A message to those applying would be to be confident and come across as a smart youth. My experience with Deolite tells me that excelling in academics is not the only criterion. Overall personality helps.”

A word of advice from Sukrit Khatri of St. Stephen’s College who recently got placed in Deutsche Bank is to never say never. “Getting placed is only a means; a lot has to be done to achieve the end. I recommend all 2nd years to do well in their exams and keep their options open.”

Here a few tips on how to cope up with the mounting pressures to make it or break it.

A general recruiter feedback clearly reflects the following key requirements.

1. Be aware of your course structure. Usually the candidates are short listed on the basis of their academics and then interviews and group discussions take place.

2. Highlight your credentials well. An impressive C.V. surely does the trick.

3. Be confident, alert and willing to learn more.

4. It’s always advisable to clear your doubts at the end of your interview.

5. Good looks and clean appearance is a must.

6. Reading helps. Make sure you have an opinion/idea of the current affairs. Avoid controversial topics

7. Be yourself.