Instituto Cervantes


37 years after its inception, Rendezvous continues to cast its magic on students of more than 500 different colleges across the globe. On the third day of its 37th edition, Rendezvous witnessed the campus of IIT Delhi buzzing with a series of frolic and adventure filled events and activities like Laser Tag, Zorbing, Street Dancing, Podium, Mr. and Ms. Rendezvous and the most talked about Confluence which is a series of Musical performances from bands across the globe.

This time Instituto Cervantes presented the Spanish Raga, which is a unique blend of Spanish jazz and Carnatic music. The event began at four in the Dogra hall and continued for an hour and a half.  Although the lyrics was in Spanish and therefore unintelligible by the majority of the audience, the Dogra hall was fully packed with students humming along with the band. The artists played flute, drum and guitar and rocked the stage with their slow and passionate songs.

Stage one had the Delhi drummers giving their performance in full swing with students gathered all around them, clapping and cheering with enthusiasm. The other enthralling event was Mister and Miss Rendezvous which saw girls and boys showcasing their talent by dancing, singing and even acting on the stage in order to impress the judges. The audience enjoyed thoroughly, whistling and hooting after each performance. The students thronged the auditorium to see the participants perform.

Last but not the least the food and handicraft stalls witnessed a huge crowd inspite of being quite expensive. All in all day three of Rendezvous was as dazzling as one would expect an annual IIT fest to be.



Aishwarya Chaurasia
[email protected]