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Is your head swimming with endless definitions, terms, theories? Are you also fed up with your insta feed which has only pictures of books, coffee mugs, glasses strategically placed? Are your anxiety levels off-charts with the ever increasing syllabus? Do you feel that rush of happiness once again to rejuvenate your senses? Well, worry not! Here’s an exclusive furry therapy which will throw the anxiety out of the window and fill your heart with happiness. These animal Instagram will definitely make your worst day into a bright, sunny one with their super cute which melt your heart. Read on to know to know about these four and two legged superstars:

  1. The Dogist (@thedogist)

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With 2.2M followers on Instagram, this account is one stop destination for all the dog lovers. It features dogs in HONY (Humans of New York) style, sharing their stories and adorable pictures with quirky captions. They also have a book which features all these stories.

Image Credits: s3.amazonaws.com


  1. Smoothie The Cat (@smoothiethecat)

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“Cause sometimes you just need some a Smoothie in life”, this exam season follow Smoothie as an antidote for your anxiety. As ‘The World’s Most Photogenic Cat’ with around 701K followers, this British Longhair cat is surely going to make you go ‘AWW’ with her pictures.

Image credits: https://tomatoheart.com


  1. Jack The Cockatiel (@jackthecockatiel)

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This super adorable and curious Cockatiel’s beautiful minimalist portraits will work like magic in calming your stress driven nerves. This bird is must for your Insta feed!

Image Credits: https://wildwildweb.es


  1. Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug)

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This self proclaimed “King of Pop Culture” is everything that can seriously make you go ‘Aww’ in seconds to ‘Yes, he got that right!’ This dog acts like humans, from drinking wine to reading bedtime stories; he does it all and has 2.2M followers!

Image Credits: http://67.media.tumblr.com/


  1. Wally The Angora Rabbit (@wally_and_molly)

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As mentioned in the account description, they are absolutely ‘serious about silliness’ with about 319K followers loving them for it. Wally is a lovable bunny rabbit with pigtails who likes to eat snacks, roam around and has his own advice column which may come in handy during the exam season. Read, see and follow this cool bunny rabbit for wise and anxiety free days!

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