Directed by Sudhir Mishra and starring Chitrangda Singh and Arjun Rampal, Inkaar takes us through the investigation of a case of sexual harassment in an Ad agency.  A committee chaired by a social activist questions the victim, the accused and the staff. Both parties make a compelling case, but Rahul Verma’s (Rampal) version sounds more plausible than Maya Luthra’s (Singh).

As far as the actors are concerned, Chitrangda Singh looks beautiful throughout and Arjun Rampal looks dashing and suave. When it comes to the acting, none of them is able to create the energy needed to play characters that would go to any limits for their ambition. The movie is a little cold, where it should have been heated up and bubbling with energy. People who  want to watch it, expecting something interesting due to its theme would be disappointed as it does not take the matter seriously. It looks a little confused, muddled up and the lead pair does not seem to know what they’re doing.

The movie screams for a different ending, considering the fact that the climax leaves nothing to imagination. The hero declaring his love for the heroine and leaving it all behind so that the damsel in distress can be spared is over-done in Bollywood. Sudhir Mishra could have avoided the stereotypical clichés by playing it safe and trying to highlight the chivalrous side of Indian men.

Among the supporting actors, Vipin Sharma (Gupta) steals the limelight for his take-it-easy nature; however, it helps in trivialising the matter of sexual harassment, adding to the irony.

Thankfully, the movie does not have any painfully long songs involving the lead actors crying their eyes out for each other or dancing around town. Absence of dance sequences make the time period just two hours, thus relieving the audience sooner, letting them go home and take a long shower to straighten their minds.

Inkaar was a very average movie, with no experimentation and bereft of any bold ideas. It could have been so much better with a different script. To sum it up, the movie posters are better than the movie.

Rating-2 out of 5


Shreya Mudgil
[email protected]