In sin they found salvation – Serial Killing 101


‘Hello? Is anybody there? Okay Johnny it’s not funny anymore…aaaaah!’ *silence*- We’ve all heard this clichéd dialogue narrated by almost every horror movie’s willowy-blonde-beauty-bath-taking female protagonist and cringe at the thought of the slashing and chopping which follows it, and YET we enjoy our share of goose bumps and get cheap thrills out of watching this gore fest.

Serial killers have been the favourite topic of various movies and film makers for eons now. We all want to know what goes on in their sick and twisted minds which cause them to kill a person without blinking an eyelid. But the question is, where does this morbid fascination stem from?

This is exactly the numero uno bait for us to seek some adventure, to taste blood.

So what exactly makes a serial killer tick? A serial killer’s modus operandi usually comprises of 3 components – time, method and motive.They are usually organized; these ones come across as your everyday happy uncle across the picket fence, who study their ‘prey’ with precision and plan everything in accordance, or they are your callous, sloppy unorganized kinds who actually fit the stereotypical image of a blood splattered random killer. Most serial killers hunt down and usually rape or sodomize the victim which they deem most vulnerable or ‘symbolic’. The motor that runs these beasts are their violent graphic fantasies.

Serial killers feel less anxiety and fear as compared to us ‘normal’ ones. Their inability to feel compassion and abide to ethical and moral norms is what comes across as their most frightening aspect. It’s usually a result of stunted brain growth which increases upon suffering years of mental trauma. They seem to be immune to shock treatment and drugs. The extensive preparation which seems to precede the actual crime is what gives them the adrenaline rush, rather than the bloody Aftermath.

Most serial killers have had a history of extreme childhood abuse, and they often come from a family of lunatics to support them. Most criminals often end up blaming their mothers and the judiciary always starts by finding out the link between ‘the womb and the tomb’. The sadistic and intense violence inflicted upon these people as kids are what often give way to them turning into heartless killers. Alcoholic and belt-whipping dads often tend to scar their kids in the entire process of ‘toughening them up’. It’s impossible to even dream of the brutal consequences these childhood events churn out.

Each and every serial killer, when studied, often depicts one particular signature characteristic. Albert fish found Frankenstein-like solace in the dead bodies of the 90 victims he killed and preserved as a trophy. On the other hand, like a vampire succeeds to lure his prey, Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific and notorious mass murderers of all time was much of a ladies man and charmed every one with his boyish grin. With a body count of over 50 people, he was THE perfect predator. It’s commonly seen that they enjoy ‘hunting’ on full moon nights and unlike our friendly neighborhood werewolf Mr. Jacob Black – often eat their victims too.

So well, cutting to the chase (pun intended) how do you get around catching these ninja-like, slick killers of the night? A serial killer will stop only when he’s either burned out, turns himself in or well, dead. Profiling them becomes a major task as they are well-concealed within our society and tread carefully. They are often caught by fluke or as our Hollywood flicks show it, by ultimate CSI: Miami precision. So be good you all, there might be someone around the corner waiting to get you.

Or maybe, the only thing to fear..is ourselves.


Akriti Gupta