Illume 2014


Illume, the quiz fest organised by quizzing society of SRCC was all about movies and fun on its third and last day. After two days of intellectual quizzing, the fest witnessed maximum footfall with the auditorium filled with people buzzing with excitement and shouting out answers. Although the “Mayapuri Bollywood quiz” which was scheduled to begin at 10:30 began by 12, the audience as well as the participants enjoyed a lot.  RJ Rahul Makin who was the quiz master, entertained the audience with his “filmy shayaris” and jokes. The auditorium reverberated with the roaring of the crowd every time a question appeared on the screen.

Around 250 teams of three members each registered for the event which consisted of two preliminary and one final round. Twenty two groups got through the semi-final round; out of which, only six teams made it to the finals. After a long and difficult final round, the team representing SRCC- Sambhav Raj, Vaibhav Garg and Ojas took away the first prize and the second prize was won by Rachita, Shivani and Suyash who represented Hindu college. The winning team was felicitated with a sum of Rs 3000, a trophy and a certificate.


Following the Bollywood quiz, a scavenger hunt was also organised after which closing ceremony of the three day fest was conducted. The winners of all the three days were awarded with DPS Siliguri bagging the “Emerging team award” and St Stephen’s College taking away the overall rolling Illume Cup.

With this, Illume 2014 came to an end making its organizers extremely satisfied. “We did work really hard for these three days and now that it’s over I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that nothing went wrong and the fest was a great success,” says Nikita Das, joint secretary of the Quiz society.

The second day of Illume 2014 carried forward the quizzing sentiment from the first day with students from various different colleges turning up for the event in large numbers. 90 teams from DU, engineering institutes as well as a unique team from DPS Siliguri competed with each other, out of which 5 teams were selected for the final face-off.

The day was divided into two quizzes – Estadia, the Sports quiz and Ambiente, the Environment quiz. Mr. Harneet Singh of Quizworks fame was the quizmaster for the day. Adding to the second half of the day was the presence of people from the NGO – Aman Biradri invited as guests.

The winners who stole the day away with their performance were Manan, Shraishth and Arnav from Hansraj, second prize was won by Vinayak, Prashant and Raghav and the third prize by Harshit and Prateek for the sports quiz. Mukund, Fardeen and Debobroto from St. Stephen’s College won the first prize for the environment quiz with Vinayak, Raghav and Paras and Akshay, Anurag and Utkarsh bagging the second and the third positions respectively.

The winning team from St. Stephen’s said, “The level of the competition is mind-boggling and the quiz master makes the event all the more interesting. The kind of effort put up by the quiz society of SRCC is praiseworthy.”

Apart from the cash prizes being offered by the college, another thing that caught everyone’s eye was the prestigious trophy called the Illume Cup which would be awarded to the most consistent team with the best performance on the third day.

The first day of Illume, the annual national quiz festival of SRCC, witnessed students’ participation in three quizzes. Bizgust, the business quiz, Fastrack, the general quiz and Incredible India, the India quiz were the events scheduled for the day. Three hundred teams which took part in the online prelims from all over the country finally got shortlisted to six teams for both the business and general quiz after multiple rounds of quizzing.

Mr. Parnab Mukherjee, who is considered one of the best live quiz masters in the country was the quizmaster for the event.

After the brain racking sessions of the final rounds including the audio visual rounds, the winners were announced. The first position in the business quiz was grabbed by Atishay Sehgal, Fardeen Majumdar and Mukund Marodia. The second position was a tie between two teams. One team comprised of Rahul, Sahil and Umang while the other was formed by Abhishek, Altaf Majeed and Soumya Sagar.

Piyush Goel, Sumit Anand  and Kartik Puri emerged as the winners of the India quiz. Ukund Marodia, Fardeen Majumdar and Vasant Surdeo stood second whike Anindita Basu, Abhishek Mishra and Partik Panda stood third.

The winners of the business quiz, also grabbed the prizes in the general quiz. Yes, in the end it were Atishay Sehgal, Fardeen Majumdar and Mukund Marodia who walked away with the General Quiz winning title.

On being asked about the experience, the team from DPS Siliguri said, “We have no regrets in having travelled all the distance to make it to the event because of the massive learning experience offered by it. The hospitality was amazing and the name Parnab Mukherjee itself defines the level of competition.”

Kanika, a member of the organising team, says,”The response for the event was very good. We got a lot of participants from various schools and colleges in NCR region, Kolkata, Siliguri etc. The overall footfall was around 600-700 students and the experience of having Mr. Parnab Mukherjee was amazing. He is an inspiring and energetic individual.”