ID Card


Today morning, as I was walking past my college gate, a rusty structure with some green shades- the security guard threw an odd look towards me. Both of us knew what he was thinking and what his look asked for. I took out my purse and showed him something to which he responded with a deep smile and waved his hands signaling me to go ahead. The thing that I showed him was a card with a deep blue head border with the logo of Delhi University, made up of hard plastic. Identity card, as it is popularly known has turned into something very basic to every student across the country. It is regarded as something not so important in a student life, but the trivial role it plays in everyone’s life is something worth discussing about. Some students hang it around their necks as if a piece of valor. Then there are those like me, who store it in a purse like a currency note. There are some who go forward to pin the cards in their belts as well.

The same day, our teacher reminded us about a test that was going to take place the next week. One of my friends then realised that he had to borrow some books from the library and had to regret as he hadn’t brought his Identity card with him. In the college campus, I-cards play a very important role from letting students within the college campus to accessing books in the college library. Even the college Wi-Fi form mentions, ‘Attach a photocopy of your college I-Card with the form.’ They have the power to win you freebies if you possess them during an election day. Every DU student realizes their power while getting entry into a popular college fest.

Outside the college campus, they come to your aid while claiming great student discounts after a wholesome meal at various restaurants. Be it a bulk photocopy or an entry in one of the parties with student discounts, your I-Cards are always there to your rescue.

For all the years anyone spends in a college or in a university, his/her I-Card remains an integral part of his/her life. After passing out from college, the same I-card that was was once used to enter into the college campus turns into a souvenir. It turns into a piece of memory that all of us would be carrying. The memory of all the fun that we did with our classmates, the fun of bunking a class and the fun of enjoying a new recipe every weekend at different restaurants and then claiming a student discount with our I-cards.

Next time you look at that little piece of hard plastic, remember it’s small contributions to make your student life better.

Srivedant Kar
[email protected]