As the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections come closer, the SFI (Students’ Federation of India) has come out with allegations of being attacked by the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

During the early hours of 26th August, members of the SFI were putting up posters near North Campus’ Vijay Nagar drain. As recalled by eyewitnesses, men in a Scorpio showed up which had posters supporting the ABVP and Sahil Malik, ABVP’s likely presidential candidate for this year. Minutes later, a Swift pulled over and men emerged with hockey sticks and ‘a stick with numerous nails on it’.

The men demanded to the SFI members that they pull the posters down, outnumbered, they obliged. But minutes later, the men attacked the members of SFI.

The three injured activists are Noel, Sumit, and Himanshu. One of them suffered a head injury and the other suffered two fractures in his hands.

DU Beat spoke to Himanshu, who suffered a fracture in his hand. He stated, “We rushed to the hospital in a cab, after that, we went to the Maurice Nagar police station but the case was moved to the Model Town police station.” Himanshu alleges that Sahil Malik was also a part of the gang that attacked him.


Members of SFI display their wounds at the Protest.
The pictures from the day the incident took place. Image Credits: SFI

Anagha, another eyewitness who escaped the attack recalls the ordeal, “There were a lot of females present so we tried to negotiate to not escalate the situation but as soon as we started removing the posters, the men attacked us. Some of us ran to safety. Sumit is currently hospitalised. Noel has a head injury.”

Members of the SFI gathered at the Faculty of Arts on solidarity with organisations like Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS), Pinjra Tod Collective and All India Students’ Association (AISA). The gathering raised slogans against hooliganism, the culture of violence and the ABVP.  The sloganeering continued as people took turns to speak out against the culture of violence in DU.

Not the first attack.

This isn’t the first alleged attack on the SFI. Previously, multiple allegations of SFI members being attacked in the North Campus lanes have surfaced on social media.

On the 17th of May, members of the SFI were attacked by unidentified men, allegedly from the ABVP. On the same at the Faculty of Arts, Sidharth Yadav, Delhi Secretary of the ABVP refuted the allegations calling them ‘baseless’ and ‘old tactics’.

Earlier this year as well, videos of SFI members being attacked at the Vishwavidyala metro station had emerged.

Do the repeated attacks deter the SFI?

“I will continue with my activism despite the attacks. I don’t think it has deterred any of my comrades; in fact, our numbers have grown. We’ve only been more motivated to fight back. It has fueled us to go forward with our movement.” says Anagha with a hopeful smile.

On the other hand, Monika from the ABVP denied the allegations, she stated “No, as far as our info is concerned none of the ABVP members was involved in the attack. Since, DUSU elections are approaching and ABVP is getting student’s trust and moving in a positive direction. That’s why they are defaming us.”

Sidharth Yadav, the Delhi Secretary of the ABVP was unavailable for comments. Sahil Malik did not respond to DU Beat’s messages.

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In another incident of hooliganism on the University campus, miscreants tried to beat up a female faculty member who came to the defence of her students.

On 30th August 2017, two female students complained about constant harassment and gawking they were being subjected to by an outsider, who was coming to the Cluster Innovation Centre’s canteen for the last couple of weeks. After getting a complaint, one of the faculty member confronted the guy and asked him to not to avail canteen services on the grounds of the complaint and the fact that canteen is open only for CIC students, faculty and workers. The accused apologized and left the CIC premises.

Next day, on 1st September, a group of 7-8 people barged in the canteen despite clear restrictions of no outsider entry. When they didn’t leave after over an hour and intimidated the canteen workers, the canteen worker complained to the faculty. The faculty member, who confronted them a day before, asked them to leave again and within minutes the encounter became violent. The miscreants boasted about their authority aggressively and insulted the professor.

The miscreants also tried to beat up a student who tried to record the entire incident on his phone. “They were speaking to the professor very disrespectfully, so I stepped in and told them to tone down. They didn’t stop so I sneakily started recording them. One of the guys noticed and they came after me, started pulling my collar,” says the student who was assaulted by the miscreants. “Later the guys closed the canteen door and threatened the workers to not serve anyone,” says Lalit Bod, a student who was an eye witness to the incident.

The security guards who tried to save the student were also roughed up in the process of protecting the student. The miscreants left the spot after the incident and later returned with canes and lathis and tried to beat up the teacher. They were stopped by the students who were present at the spot and intervened to protect their teacher from getting beaten up. “While I was standing near the lobby, I saw these miscreants coming towards the teacher with lathis. Immediately I and some of my friends rushed towards him and overpowered him. Then we took him away from the teacher”, says Siddharth Nandan, one of the students who intervened to save their teacher. Later all the miscreants fled from the spot.

Delhi Police has taken cognizance of the offence and registered a FIR for the case. “A case has been registered and we are investigating the matter,” said Pradeep Narwal, DCP of North Delhi.

After the incident, the CIC administration has put up a notice banning everyone from the campus after 7 PM. This notice has put many students who used to stay till late evening to work on various projects and assignments at a problem. “We used to watch lectures and use internet facilities for our academic work. Now sadly, we have to suffer for the work of miscreants,” said one of the final-year students who did not wish to be named. “The administration should not restrict the students, it should rather curb the illegal entry of outsiders,” he said.

Meanwhile, teachers and students are hopeful that the administration will take up the issue with police, and ensure that the safety of the students is maintained on the campus. Prof. H.P Singh, the director of the centre, refused to comment on the issue.

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