Heritage walks


Wise men opine that it is the lessons learnt outside the classroom which stand the test of time and the limitation of a fading memory. Travel is the best teacher and the musafir (traveller), the most fortunate student. With this philosophy in mind, the History Society of Miranda House presents to you its Heritage Walk Society, Musafir.

Started in July 2016, Musafir organises heritage walks that aim to create awareness about the rich history that the city has to offer. Delhi presents a mind-boggling scenery of sorts, the juxtaposition of the old with the new. In the background of modern infrastructure, consisting of high-rises and malls, live the remains and ruins of a glorious shared past, rich in heritage and culture. Through the medium of a heritage walk, Musafir strives to educate those with an active interest in Delhi’s vibrant history.

These walks are conducted by the students of History from Miranda House. Soumya Sahai, Vice President of Musafir , says, “ Each walk is headed by a history student of Miranda House, who is able to provide a lot of historical information in a fun and interesting way.  Unlike tour guides, these walk leaders are able to contextualise facts and talk about a wide variety of things, from architecture to the society of the past.”

While initially these walks were held only for Miranda House students and faculty, now these are open to all DU students. Last semester, walks were organised to Lodhi Garden, Qutub Minar, Qudsia Bagh, Jahanpanah-Begumpur, Old Fort and Red Fort. This semester, one walk was held in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park on 15th January and another is scheduled for 5th February to Jama Masjid. To participate, check out the poster given below for details.


A chance to explore and discover one’s roots rarely comes along. Do take this opportunity and join ‘Musafir’ as they take you on an enlightening, yet equally delighting journey through Delhi’s deep and insightful past.

Feature Image: Jasmine Chahal for Musafir and DU Beat

Kriti Sharma
[email protected]