We realise that the heat has made exam season even more unbearable,  folks. We have been tinkering with this problem all summer. Here is what we have unearthed.

As we breathe in the parched air of the exam halls, we look at ink-stained fingers and the slouched shoulders and the empty water bottles, desperate for a respite from the exams and from the blinding scorching heat. Here are our favourite tips for beating the heat while we have our noses buried in books:

  • Stay hydrated: This might not be the most original idea, but it has stood the test of time. Turns out keeping your body hydrated during exams might mean you end up actually not eating your hair at the end of a study session. So, keep those liquids near you, kids!
  • Sun blockers: Please don’t make the mistake of stepping out of the house without that shield, folks. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and deserves some care as well.  I leave it to you to choose the brand; just keep your skin type in mind.
  • Quick bites: For mid-study session meals, opt for hydrating and refreshing fruits like watermelon or fresh veggies like cucumber. They not only hydrate your body and keep you healthy; you can almost trick yourself into thinking you can finally get off of those baggy junk foods. You can also infuse your water with fruits; just buy an infuser bottle and add some refreshing and citric fruits and mint to it. This will give all the fruit-lovers out there some incentive to go through some plain, boring old water.
  • Change your hairdo: Go a little bonkers this exam season and change your haircut or hairstyle. If you’ve always wanted to chop off your hair, this is the best possible time to debut a pixie cut or long bob.  Keeping your hair off the back of your neck will help you cool down your body temperature. And if anyone asks you what happened, blame it on the Kardashians.
  • Take more showers: This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Whether you want to hibernate inside your tub for a few hours every day or take quicker baths multiple times a day, we promise not to judge. Just make sure you don’t let multiple showers dry out your skin by moisturising afterwards.

Happy Studying!

Feature Image Credits: Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat

Sara Sohail

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As the weather and newspapers report the sudden wave of summers, a collective sigh envelops the heat-stricken inhabitants of this nation. Reports of woes and whines are being heard in great proportion from the collegiate-section as the temperature continues to rise and temporary respite of rain appears sporadically. Amidst the sudden arrival of the sunny season, here are a few ways to survive the heat.

  1. The Deluge of the Sunscreen

Scientific facts time: Global warming, harmful UV rays, skin cancer. Weather and skin maintain a perpetual caring relationship. While winters cause dryness, summers can cause major skin damage due to the glaring sun rays. Summers call for shorts, skirts, dresses, and sleeveless shirts. Hence, cover every spot of your exposed body with sunscreen.

  1. The Periodic Water Intake

Doctors reiterate a few things during your monthly/annual/contingent visit. Exercise daily, don’t eat an excess of junk food, and most importantly, drink LOTS of water. Besides the obvious health benefits, a sufficient water intake is of monumental importance to keep you sane and active during your eventful days.

  1. The Wardrobe Makeover

The primary reason which leads to shopping is the seasonal transition. Bidding adieu to jackets, mufflers, and sweaters, summertime calls for airy clothes which shall be your sustenance in the heat. This summer complement yourself with shorts, dresses, or skirts, or go wild and buy a skort. The right outfit selection can prove to be your saving grace.

  1. The Strategic Hang-Out Spot Selection

Gone are the days when the whole gang would sit under the sun anywhere and everywhere for cold comfort, for the troublesome heat waves will prevent you from occupying your spots of liking. You shall find yourself constantly in search of restaurants and cafés which offer the luxury of ACs, because that shall be your respite in the coming future.

  1. The Recreational Bonanza

The theory of fun constitutes a direct relationship between rising temperatures and the frequency of plans involving water. Pool parties, Goa trips, and water park plans shall all emerge at once, so ensure your friends don’t bail out on trivial grounds. Are you ready for some fun in the sun?


Image Credits: Brinkley Walser Stoner

Saumya Kalia

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