Many colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi have decided to seek help from professional ghostbusters to combat the frequently occurring mishaps that are causing problems for both, the administration and the students.

In the past few months, University of Delhi has seen increasing incidences of infrastructure failure, administrative delays, and incidents of violence. Recently, a large portion of the plaster fell off from the ceiling in one of the rooms of Hansraj College hostel.  Earlier on 11th August, a section of the newly constructed false ceiling came crashing down in a classroom of the College of Vocational Studies.  Last year too, ceiling collapsed in Daulat Ram College, leaving several students injured.

Considering that these episodes can also be life-threatening, college administrations were severely critiqued for being negligent. Recently in the executive council meeting, all colleges unanimously accredited paranormal forces for causing such mishaps. On the condition of anonymity, a member of the Maintenance Committee of College of Vocational Studies (CVS) said, “The infrastructure of CVS is top notch; there is no carelessness on our part that could cause injury inflicting miscarriages. We strongly suspect some extra-terrestrial forces behind the ceiling collapse.” The executive council of Delhi University has proposed a budget of one crore that should be allotted for hiring professional ghostbusters who will undertake all necessary activities to counter this. The activities are scheduled to take place during the examination break, provided the Finance Committee accepts the proposal and releases funds.

Many people claim that accusing sinister forces of interfering with day-to-day deeds of the Varsity is the administration’s desperate attempt to negate accountability and shift the blame. Addressing these allegations, a member of executive Council resonated, “If you look at the geography of North Campus, you’ll see several landmarks that have a dark history, such as Khooni Jheel and Flagstaff Tower located in the Kamla Nehru Ridge, which is adjacent to the North Campus. It is very much possible that eldritch energies from these places intrude in the campuses.”

Miranda House, one of the most acclaimed colleges of Delhi University has also witnessed eerie occurrences ever since its auditorium, one of the oldest constructions in the college, was closed for renovation work. It has been a while since the auditorium has been undergoing retrofitting, but not much progress has been made. On the condition of anonymity, the official in charge of the renovations told DU Beat that all attempts to develop the work is being vandalized by unknown people. The workers often find their construction gears either missing or damaged. The rumor is that the ghost of English architect Walter Sykes George, who designed Miranda House at its inception, is sabotaging the work because he is not pleased with the new design of the auditorium.

Whether or not the rumors have any substance or they are simply an excuse meted by the officials to distract attention from their failures is for people to decide, depending on whatever they want to believe in.

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Niharika Dabral

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