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In yet another worrying move for aspirants, the University of Delhi (DU) has decided to stop the admission of all candidates who passed their 12th grade examinations from the Haryana Board of Secondary Education (HBSE). Contradictions between the marks displayed on HSBE’s official website and those mentioned in the applicants’ mark-sheets led DU’s officials to take this extreme measure.

“While on the website, the score has been segregated by giving 60 marks to theory, 20 for practicals and 20 for continuous evaluation, the mark-sheets show a division of 70:20 with 70 for theory and 20 for practicals. This has been rejected by the varsity…” said a senior official of the admission committee, as reported by The Pioneer. DU had contacted the HSBE formally a few days ago, but the officials claim that they received “no communication” from the Board. With all lines of formal communication between the Board and the varsity thus collapsing, the students are stranded and left to fend for themselves. The colleges which had previously granted admission to the candidates of the Haryana Board on the basis of documents, since discovering the loophole in their mark-sheets, have suspended their admission. Furthermore, the admission committee has notified other colleges not to proceed with the admission of these candidates from now onwards.

With thousands thronging the varsity from all across the country and the globe, and only a few days available to the students to grab their seats after a new cut-off list has been issued, being denied admission on the basis of a faulty mark-sheet comes across as something unwarranted and unfair. While the Board refuses to cooperate, the University refuses to bend its rules for anybody. This tussle could go on perennially with the chief casualties being the hundreds of helpless, innocent students unless the authorities on both ends wake up soon to resolve the matter.

However, when approached by the Press Trust of India, the varsity denied the declaration of this decision. M.K. Pandit, Chairman of the admissions standing committee, refuting the above decision stated, “There are students from Haryana who are being admitted to prestigious colleges. News relating to stalling of admissions is false!”


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Deepannita Misra
[email protected]