Gurmeet Ram Rahim


India witnessed yet another consequence of placing faith in humans, pedestalising flesh and bones to the level of what we usually know of as “godly”. Our society is obsessed with living in a utopian world with immense belief in the idea of Godmen. The past turn of events has proved yet again that it’s not one individual who is to be blamed; instead blame it on our obsessive need to raise men to the stature of the divine. It’s like 33,00,00,000 deities are not enough for us – we might as well add a million more names to that list.

Time and again we are shown that Godmen in our country just use the façade of people’s faith to get away with things that they wouldn’t be able to get away with otherwise. These crimes go unnoticed in our country anyway. The likes of Gurmeet Ram Rahim have yet again declared to the world that it’s not reasonable to worship a man and hold him in unquestionable faith. What’s worse is that, we as a society remain blind to it, and ignorant (the one thing that we know best). What I fail to understand is how people can turn a blind eye to all the whims and fancies these so called

the mob, the bhakts that follow these self-proclaimed Godmen are ready to kill, ready to destroy public property in his name.  Recent events should definitely bean eye opener, a scary warning that its high time we stop placing our faith in illiterate, self-proclaimed gurus that are just there to exploit people’s naivety and a compulsive need to depend on humans to fulfill their addiction for faith.

It is time we learn a lesson this time before another greater baba comes and causes more colossal damage than this one.  It’s high time we realise that our faith shouldn’t be so cheap that it can be swayed easily and placed in criminals who claim to be the messiah of our realm. Ram Rahim came to tell us that not all caves narrate stories of the First Men, some are meant as the dungeons of those who disguise themselves as protectors only to commit the most heinous crimes. He isn’t to be blamed for those deaths; he isn’t the cause of their bandages. It’s us, who are solely responsible for letting these gurus rise above from dust and acquire immense power. It’s our misplaced faith that has led to a chaotic series of events and a history of blood soaked riotous years. I’m pretty sure, God, will not send a messiah to our rescue that hums to the beats of Love Charger.

We, as a society, should stir up to this wakeup call by Ram Rahim and realise that we will continued to be abused, assaulted, cheated, harassed, and violated, as long these babas exist and we encourage their existence. We need to stop trying to embolden these gurus and equipping them with power that will be purely misused without an alternative.


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Rashim Bagga

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