In a desperate call for quick action, when you find an essay online that even remotely connects with your own submission, the default action is to cite without reading. Efficiency, right?


Most of us would agree with the truth that all our submissions are the burdens we bear. The burdens that block our exposure to the outer world; a world seemingly ours for the taking with its immense prospects and adventures. For instance, every second that you spend reading a critical essay, you could rather be complaining about the mounting work on your social media handles. And we all know that the latter seems too enticing.


The sad truth in the complexity of our education system is its incomprehensibility by most people. Increasingly, the idea of education has been overshadowed by the idea of getting a job. And not just a normal job, but one that comes with unending perks. Much as this debate invites moral intervention, it is nonetheless as irrefutable as the reality. In this race, we often find ourselves to be lost. And with the advent of internet, our crises are averted by ‘hacks’.


Being unimaginative, unthinking, and avoiding application of intellect by students today is becoming a real choice. Some may say that the choice is enforced. There is so much to do and so little time; the true refrain. It is in the event of a crisis that the need for a desperate escape is felt, and that means that we want a guide or a solution book.


It is not in my purview to question the credibility of such solution books, guides and answer booklets or for that matter any essay, writing or answer available on the Internet. But what can be said about all these ‘comforts’ is that they do you more harm than they offer you a chance to revive.


The idea of education to develop free thinking needs reinstatement. Our jumping to academic hacks implies our failures to act on our own. Sometimes, it does prove helpful to seek such a measure. But a study reveals that excessively depending on hacks and the easy-way-out, cripples your thinking. When you let the keyboard function on its three keys, your functioning of the brain is put to a miserable test. Try to use all these keys. Try to use all of your own merit.


Dependence is perceived to be an easy way of living. In an age where our opinions are shaped by public majority, where is the scope for expression? What we ask in such questioning is the failing object of education. There is a lot that deserves your attention. There is always a lot. And this is why you need to avoid the haphazard academic ‘hacks’. In the infinite pools of knowledge, even a quick plunge can heighten your spirit. The shallows of guides and help books will offer you a respite, but you will never learn to swim.


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat



Kartik Chauhan

[email protected]