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Now that the shortlisted candidates for the group discussion and personal interview round for BMS and BBA(FIA) have been announced, it’s time to prepare for the next stage. Both the GD and PI are quite easy if tackled properly, here are a few guidelines to follow which will help you to prepare for the same:


– Carrying your personal documents is extremely necessary. Check the documents required here.

– Reporting one hour before your scheduled time is necessary.

– While it’s not a mentioned requirement, but it’s best to stick to formals. Remember to dress smartly. For guys, this means an ironed pair of trousers and crisp shirt. For girls, a shirt with a pair of pants or a skirt will do.

For the Group Discussion round
  •  The discussion will likely be on a relevant current topic, mostly related to Business or Economics. It is quite possible that you won’t know a lot about the topic. In this case, start first and wait for the discussion to pick up pace and you can respond accordingly.
  • If you have absolutely no idea about the topic, listen carefully to what others say and try to modify and mould something of your own. Don’t be repetitive, make your own stand.
  • Don’t be hostile. There might be times when the discussion gets a little heated. Maintain your calm.
  • Don’t pull out made-up facts to prove your stand.
  • The GD round has not been conducted for the past 2 years, so no one can predict a topic at this point. But researching certain topics won’t hurt – EU Free Trade, Make in India etc.
For the Interview Round
  •  Prepare an introduction and a proper one, which you can speak for at least 60-90 seconds.
  • Sit and make a list of your hobbies and what you can say about them. Don’t stick to simplistic one liners. Reading books could be your hobby, but you can’t just finish your answer at that. What genre of books? Which author? How many of these books you’ve read?
  • Be careful of what you say, the interviewer always looks for another question in your answer. Try not to lie or exaggerate.
  • Why do you want to take BMS or BBA(FIA)? Prepare a detailed answer for this question.
  • Make a list of your weaknesses and strength. Prepare something relevant to say something about them as well. (P.S: Please don’t say my weaknesses are my strength, just don’t. Please.)
  • Don’t be fidgety. Sit straight. Smile.
  • Don’t be rude to the interviewer and do not cross question them.

All the best!

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Kartikeya Bhatotia
[email protected]