In an endless pursuit for the extraordinary, something essential is lost. Does everything compulsively have to be ‘the best’ ? 

The quest for excellence sought by everyone is characterized by its subjectivity. Excellence might be defined differently by the same person at different points in time. But in all these varied searchings’, something is mutual. The mutual feeling of achieving something ‘great’. Something that redefines recaptures the ordinary; and makes it into the extraordinary. “You deserve the best there is.” Sometimes this statement can be very difficult to believe. Simply because everything cannot possibly be ‘the best’.

Expectations have a lot to play on in this conflict of wanting the best. The disillusionment that dawns on you, when your expectations and the reality portray a stark contrast; this selfsame realization hits strikingly. The only great thing that comes from this compulsive expectation for the best is great distress. But then, is expecting bad? Can hope make us a prisoner? Higher the expectations, greater the distress. The only question is that how we deal with this disillusionment. It takes time, sometimes more than we can offer. But all of it settles in.

When we seek something great, we often forget to register the lack of greatness. There is a lot that can be said of the ordinary or not-so-great. Remember when Hermione Granger smelled Amortentia, she thought of parchment and freshly mowed grass? That is just how simple, tangible, and reachable our passions are. We are all passionate about these ‘little things’. But to think about it, these little things matter a lot. Our failure to register something or someone does not rule out its existence. These little things will be found out. They will come to your notice. And when they do, they will mean a lot to you.

The simplest joys are the ones that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of comfort. Being exerted all the time will only make you question everything crankily. A heartfelt smile, an uplifting conversation with your loved ones, the innocent laughter of children, the morning songs of birds, the regular cycle of the sun or a filling meal finished with desserts, there is something about these little things that brings you closer to your own self. They teach you something about gratitude. And all of us could use some lessons in gratitude. Right!

Feature Image Credits: Scopio

Kartik Chauhan

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