Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) wrote to Delhi’s Chief Minister regarding the inadequacy of grants sanctioned to 12 of DU’s colleges that are 100% funded by the Delhi Government.

On 9th May 2020, DUTA wrote to Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal regarding the inadequacy grants provided to twelve of the university’s colleges that are completely dependent on the Delhi Government for funds.

The 3rd/final instalment of Grant-in-Aid during the financial year 2019-2020 was sanctioned on 25.3.2020 and more recently, on 7.5.2020, 1st instalment of Grant-in-aid on monthly basis (Salary purpose only) was sanctioned.

As a result of the Government’s tardiness, the colleges’ funds were delayed for several months and staffers had to remain without their salaries. Further, the sanctioned grants- when sanctioned- are inadequate and not enough to cover salaries even up to April.

DUTA complained that the grants sanctioned on 23rd March 2020  were barely enough to cover salaries of January and February, resulting which, many of these colleges have been unable to pay their employees.

Along with not being able to pay the salaries of staffers after April, these under-funded colleges have not been able to make payments towards reimbursements and arrears that are due to their staffers, and are also unable to pay for electricity bills, property tax and general maintenance.

Along with the letter, DUTA presented a summary of the feedback that they have received from Staff Associations of under-funded colleges and the mentioned deficit is in regards to the funds required to cover staffer salaries alone. The feedback provided is as follows:

1.Acharya Narendra Dev College: Deficit of 6.15 cr

2. Aditi Maha Vidyalaya: Deficit of 3.85 cr

3. Bhagini Nivedita College: Deficit of 0.18 cr

4. Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences : Information not available

5. Dr B. R. Ambedkar College: Deficit of 2.48 cr

6. Deen Dayal Upadhyay College: Deficit of 3.63 cr

7. IGIPE&SS: Deficit of 0.2 cr

8. Keshav Mahavidyalaya: Deficit of 1.9 cr

9. Maharshi Valmiki College of Education: Information not available

10. Maharaja Agrasen College: Deficit of 2.61 cr

11. Saheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for women : Deficit of 2.41 cr

12. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies : Salaries up to April have been covered

Further, the Sanction Order of 7.5.2020  states that, “As per observations of Finance Department request for release of GIA of next installment may be submitted after formation of Governing Body in all Government Colleges in 2020-21.”

DUTA has expressed disappointment in the sanction, claiming that issue of grants- especially the issue of salaries- cannot be linked to the formation of Governing bodies as the teaching and non-teaching staff and no role in their formation. They also mentioned that the non-payment of salaries is a violation of basic human rights, especially for non-teaching staff working on contracts, and ad-hoc and guest teachers who are more vulnerable.

“We find it extremely unfortunate that there has been no focus on the growth of these institutions. The 12 colleges are in dire need of the additional funds necessary for development of infrastructure development for smooth academic and administrative functioning.

The colleges still await release of funds for additional posts for teaching and non-teaching staff in view of the extension of reservation to EWSs and consequent increase in intake of students. Moreover, some of the new courses that were started after obtaining the necessary approvals are being starved of funds required for appointing teachers to run these courses.

The delay in doing so, despite repeated reminders, has undermine the teaching learning process and affect the quality of education imparted in these institutions. We write to seek your intervention for an urgent release of adequate grants to cover all pending dues including salaries, reimbursements and arrears due to employees on account of the 7th Pay Revision and for adequate infrastructure development and maintenance and for the EWS expansion. We seek an appointment to discuss these issues with you,” Rajib Ray, DUTA’s president, mentioned in the addressed letter.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

Shreya Juyal

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