Women’s colleges are almost always associated with many stereotypes. This article talks about some of the most persistent ones.

The University of Delhi (DU) has around 20 women’s colleges affiliated to it. There are many stereotypes that most of the girls from an all-girl’s college get to hear on an everyday basis. While co-ed colleges are associated with fun and partying, girls’ colleges are called boring. Many of these stereotypes have been known for ages, seemingly. But they are clearly not applicable in the 21st century. Here is a list of some of the common stereotypes.

  • “Oh girls do nothing but back-bitching!”

Girls do not back-bitch but they hold each other’s back. Girls know girls, and this brings them closer. We do not spend hours bitching about others, but we talk about life, philosophy, and politics. College life is known for lifelong bonds and the bond that a group of girls’ share is priceless.

  • Girls’ colleges are boring

The most common stereotype that a lot of us hear is that girls’ colleges are boring because no boys, mean no fun. They are seen as gloomy places where the greatest concern of the students is the lack of men. Nevertheless, whatever your definition of fun may be, the definition of fun for a girl from an all girls’ institution is very different, and they do not need guys to have fun. They eat, dance and party without being dependent on guys. A group of girls is enough for themselves.

  • There’s a long queue of guys outside every girls’ college

‘Girls college hai toh kya, bahar to ladke khade hi rehte hai’. This stereotype leads us to another stereotype that boys do not have any other work and they can stand outside colleges just for stealing glances at girls. The only guys we spot outside the college are ‘rickshaw vale bhaiya’.

  • Girls and gossip are inseparable

We get to hear most of the times that girls live for gossip. They know who’s doing what, who’s seeing who, and everything else. But oh, is it so? As an answer to this, let me say, no, not all girls gossip. We have a lot of other things to do than talking about someone else’s life. Not everyone sitting in the canteen is gossiping about random things. They have a lot more things to do.

  • All girls are interested in girls

A very common and very lame perception is that girls who go to girls’ college are sexually inclined towards other girls or they tend to change their sexual orientation by the end of college. Why can’t people believe that having girls around does not mean that they will be attracted to each other? Girls who are attracted to girls are found everywhere and not just in an all-girls’ college.

  • Are you one of those feminist types?

One question that most people ask girls from a women’s college is if they are a feminist. The answer to this question can be yes or no. But this does not depend on the institution that they go to. The fact that a person is a feminist or not completely depends on their own opinions. Neither are all girls feminists, nor are those from a girls’ college Femi-nazis.

  • Girls are jealous of each other

Having girls all around doesn’t mean that they will just be envious of each other. If a girl checks out clothes, shoes, and bags of others, it does not mean that she is jealous. She might go up to her and tell her that she looks pretty. Neither all girls judge other nor are they involved in catfights.

  • They do not know politics

Girls are apolitical is what a lot of people say. But just the fact that most of the women’s colleges in DU are not affiliated to Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) does not mean that the girls are alien to DU politics. They might be away from the common election atmosphere, but this does not mean that they do not know what is going on outside their colleges. Girls do have their own political opinions and they understand the right and wrong politics.

Stereotyping is so common in our society that at times, we forget to look beyond those stereotypes. All the girls’ colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi are a symbol of strength. They are like safe havens for women. One thing that people do not commonly talk about is that women’s colleges are phenomenal institutions which create fearless and independent women.

Feature Image Credits: DUB Archives

Priya Chauhan

[email protected]