Good Service


After trying his hands at consulting for a few years, Vipul Agarwal an alumnus from Stanford University got in touch with Ruchir Jain from IIM Ahmedabad for enterprising in a totally new venture – Good Service.

The initial conceptualization of Good Service started when Vipul was working at a consulting firm. His family and friends would contact him to find out details about professional service providers. It would range from the simplest task such as finding an electrician to booking a movie ticket. “We had to create the initial spark….. and after that the entire team contributed towards providing the final product.”

Good Service is an app as well as web based service wherein a customer could Whatsapp, Text, e-mail or call the firm and ask for any service that they demand. The service was started with connecting local merchants on a very small scale. As time progressed, the company witnessed a significant growth. Good service expanded into many verticals and started getting in touch with bigger players. The company’s area of practice now ranges from movie ticket sales to electrical fittings.

Good Service currently has a whooping number of 60-70% of DU Students as their full time employees. In the near future the company plans to expand in different cities throughout India.

For contact details one could e-mail at the this e-mail address:- [email protected]