We grew up breaking new year resolutions, at times breaking ice to pave new ways and sometimes breaking ourselves. Let 2018 be a year of some realistic goals that we must make to  acquire the best version of ourselves.

We often make goals of achieving the best marks, getting into the best college, and creating the best career but sadly, less do we invest in creating the best of us. Goals are perhaps not the materialist needs but rather a ladder to grow, grow as a person with determination in the eyes of adversities. You get to understand these unconventional goals as you slowly leave the doors of school life and turn to the faces of university, a goal in itself.

Let’s look into some secret goals that we all wish, we would do!

1) To break down– We are often taught to stay strong but then as we grow older, deep inside we realise that how essential it is to break down, break down before it breaks you. Cry out, scream out, break some vases and throw some tantrums and hold yourself up again.

2) What if? – So, still stuck wondering ‘what if’ you would have done that? ‘What if you do that?’ well what if I say DO IT, right now! There would always be so many buts and ifs however, the reason that you are still thinking about it the sole reason why no ifs shall stand a chance. Be it be your ambitions or a grand confession of love!

3) Pick your battles – “Sometimes you have to let go of some wars to win a battle.” Don’t pick every argument that it exhausts you at the end, be wise enough to be choose your battles. It takes determination and courage to ignore unnecessary fights.

4) Challenge yourself– Challenge yourself a little more, do things that makes you scared. Be it be walking away from a toxic relationship or developing jogging habit. Remember, as your knees beg for rest from life, push yourself a little more. The beauty at the top is worth it.

Finally, promise yourself to pick every stone that time throws at you and make a beautiful monument using it.


Feature Image Credits: Freepik

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