free hugs


MAD, Make a Difference is a youth run organisation that works towards the welfare of kids in Indian shelter homes. The organisation has been running for ten years now and one of the biggest objectives of MAD is to spread awareness about the conditions of children living in shelter homes and trying to bring them at par with children from normal families and homes by providing them with the same opportunities.

‘Madsters’ as the workers like to call themselves, celebrate MAD Week every year in the first week of November,  the anniversary of the formation of the organisation. This week is elebrated with great fervour with the conduction of many community events which are done with the aim of spreading happiness and expressing gratitude towards people who work along with the ‘Madsters’-  media personnel covering events,  authorities in shelter homes who work towards providing the best for kids from the shelter homes and ofcourse fellow ‘madsters.’

MAD completed ten years in November 2016 and decided to keep up with the practice of community events. A jam session was held in Central Park on Saturday, November 5th where people came to enjoy the company and celebrate the spirit of music together. On Sunday, November 6th an event, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ was conducted where enthusiastic volunteers from the team went around Connaught Place giving free hugs, balloons and High-fives to complete strangers and thus spreading the message, “From giving, we all receive.”

Image Credits-  MAD Team

Akshara Srivastava
[email protected]