First Year. Second Year


If you’re scrolling down your newsfeed filled with guilt and wondering why this is all you have been doing for the last two hours and/or what you’re doing with your life in general then you are not alone.

With Diwali over, the preparatory leave already underway, admit card distributions days away there are literally no more excuses left to tell yourself, this IS the time to study and the reason to why you still haven’t started depends on just where you are in the course of your college life.


  • First Year
    No semester is harder to study for then your first. Let’s face it recovering from the boards and the trauma of the twelfth grade takes a lot longer than seven months and the first few months of exploring college, taking selfies and socializing doesn’t really help one get into a study mode. Add that to the “it’s okay, it’s just college” thought that has been playing in your head all week and you end up wondering why you aren’t on a road trip with your friends or taking a well-deserved nap considering you have successfully made it to Delhi University (seven months ago)
  • Second Year
    If you’ve had a very successful first year then it’s time for a well-deserved break, kick back and relax you’ll manage somehow or some way. If on the other hand you had told yourself all summer that this will be the year to change things and still cannot get yourself to get out of bed and open your books then you have officially hit a sophomore slump. If all you care about is surviving college for another semester well then you probably know that the concept of backs and failing no longer applies in which case all you have to do is just ensure you show up on the day of the exam.
  • Third Year
    You’ve given up. Having been to college this entire semester just to either give presentations or submit assignments you probably don’t have any desire to go give the exams either. Moreover, if you’ve been convincing yourself all this time that the dedication, hard work and zeal that enabled you to ace the boards more than two years ago will come back at some stage, well it’s your last year and it’s still not back yet so chances are it’s probably gone for good. So just do what you can to get through the next month and count the days till the fest season commences once again!

In conclusion it is officially the time to set an alarm, fix the old coffee machine, open those dreaded books and somehow salvage what’s left of this semester. So stop reading this and start studying if you haven’t already.

Image Credits: 9gag

Shraman Ghosh

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