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The Game of Thrones season 7 finale has left us intrigued and wanting for more. The wait for season 8 seems too long as the show, most probably, is not going to return before 2019. However many theories and speculations have been floating around about the fate of the characters. The finale has raised many questions which have been left unanswered. While the winter seems to be two years long, I, have tried to deconstruct some of the most popular theories. Hopefully, they will provide you with a warmth while you bide your time.

1) The mysterious look of Tyrion Lannister
George R. Martin sent a three-page letter to Harper Collins in 1993 in which he outlined his plans for the series. The letter hinted about a romantic interest between Tyrion and Arya which would result in a rivalry between the former and Jon Snow. This letter recently surfaced on the internet and has left the fans speculating whether Tyrion instead of being in love with Arya is in love with Daenerys. If yes, this would lead to conflict between Tyrion and Jon Snow.
Another theory suggests that maybe Tyrion has betrayed Danny and has formed a secret alliance with his sister because the audience was not made privy to the entire conversation that took place between Cersei and him. We are well aware of Tyrion’s love for his sister’s children and as Cersei is pregnant, this theory certainly seems plausible.
Are any of these theories reasonable or is Tyrion just concerned about what will happen if two most powerful people come together? It is true that the power dynamics are going to change in future and, thus, his concern over their relationship seems genuine. However, these questions are going to be left unanswered at least for now.

2) Is Bran Stark the Night King?
Many Game of Thrones fans are convinced that Bran Stark is the Night King. According to this theory, Bran continuously travelled to the past to warn the mankind about White Walkers. In one of this attempt, he ends up getting stuck inside the Night King.
After many failed attempts, Bran went way back into the past to inhabit the body of the First Man who was turned into a White Walker by the Children of the Forest. But Bran was continuously warned by Three Eyed Raven that if he remained in past for too long he might get trapped there. Thus, Bran is stuck inside Night King. Many people have tried to find proof to support this claim. However, if this is true one can only wonder why the show has sidelined such an important claim as he does not get enough screen space.

3) Is Daenerys going to die?
George R. Martin has said that the ending of the show is going to be bittersweet. Almost everyone is sure that Daenerys is going to capture the throne. Her immense strength and the power of dragons make it seem that the alternative is impossible. But if nothing else Game of Thrones is notorious to kill its popular and main characters. No sooner the audience gets attached to a character that he or she gets killed. Moreover, the uni-dimensional arc that Daenerys’s story follows puts her at grave risk. However one can only speculate.

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