Ffashion Trends


A few days ago, The Auburn Umbrella dished out a couple of fashion trends for you all to follow as you participate in DU’s much-talked about ‘Fest Season’. As we visited various campuses to collect fest coverage, we were thrilled with the kind of fashion statements that were made by our stylish student body.

Although the weather over this season has been uncertain, flip-flopping from warm to hot to suddenly nippy, it appears that our trendy DU chicas have already declared summers! We got to see a lot of summery, short dresses, denim shorts and sleeveless shirts. Crop tops from last season are also back! Strappy sandals and leather back-packs on the accessories side were trending items too.

The dapper men chose to dress casually in long shorts, chappals and sporty tees. Western clothing was more frequently seen, with kurtas, Nehru jackets and khadi shirts from last season missing in the scene.

It’s very important to own a balanced wardrobe, i.e a good blend of branded, as well as street fashion and our students certainly know how to strike that equation right! So we saw girls sporting branded jeans with chunky jewellery bought off the street; or street sandals worn with branded skater dresses. In the brand category, the evergreen labels Zara, Promod, Forever 21 and the latest high-street fashion brand to enter Indian markets- H&M were popular choices; whereas flea markets like Janpath and Sarojini Nagar are still the places to shop at when one is on a tight budget.

As far as fashion disasters are concerned, thankfully, there were few that met the eye. People who are still holding on to their woollens and other items from winter were looked upon with contempt. Also, too much bling, too little clothing, excessively high heels and overdone make-up were unanimously regarded as fashion faux pas.

We have our avid DU fashion blogger, Sejal Kumar, corroborating our findings in her latest video. Watch her flit around the SRCC campus as she investigates what DU is wearing this fest season!