Fest seasons


Behind the curtains of the starry shows and the motley of events lined up lies the true endurance of the Organising Committee, for their perseverance makes the fest truly successful!


 Perspective is everything. An object of existence can be viewed with a mixed reception by a plethora of people – this is known. Having said that, the grand cultural affair organised every year by colleges which are home to the wanderers also harbour a melange of dreams and dedication. As students of the University of Delhi assimilate and revel in the glory of the fest season, a tiresome and consciously evaded entity of it is often pushed to the sidelines. Behind the brilliance of the spectacle witnessed and the magic created, there is the effort put in by the architects of the show which shan’t and won’t go unnoticed.

Months before the calendar indicates the period of February and March, their mind sets into a prudent mode of brainstorming, planning, and strategising the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ of their idealised cultural fests. Fancy the big fat Indian wedding, with the traditional pomp and clobber of an extravaganza which is delightfully put up for critique by relatives whose relation shall continue to remain a mystery. As viewers of the wedding ceremony, a million suggestions and points of criticism pervade our minds, with ideations of what could have been better. And as a member of the Organising Committee, the fest is their mini-shaadi where they are on the receiving end of these insatiable comments. The worries of what should and shouldn’t be done, of the whys and the hows, seem inescapable and inexhaustible, don’t they?

As the clock churns to move the wheels of time, plans are executed, and the weight of the work adds a tiresome sigh to their conversations. Mornings, days, evenings, and nights are spent in ensuring a successful implementation of what was promised. From team formation and task delegation to scavenging connections for sponsorship of any kind, their groans and despair in this period remain unmatched. A lack of sufficient funds, when combined with the incompatibility with the student union of the college or with another department, might add to the verses of whines narrated by them.

The final product of performances and hard work which grace the stage has a story of memories carved in it. The troubles and struggles endured in the making of an iconic fest are looked back as fond remembrances, for they were all worth it. The woes then fade away into waves of nostalgia, only to be transcended into anticipating a bigger and better fest next season!


Image Credits: DU Beat


Saumya Kalia

[email protected]