In lieu of celebrating 25 years of F.R.I.E.N.D.S we take a sneak peek at our most organised characters of all times- Monica.

In the span of the ten seasons that rocked the TV industry in terms of its popularity and crisp set, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast has some idiosyncrasies in the characters, which we can all relate to at one point of time or the other. If there was one character that stood out the most has to be no one other than Monica E.Geller.

Here are a few pointers to let you know if you are secretly Monica Geller or not:

  • Organized Freak

You are obsessed with having things in order, prim and proper and neat, at all given times. You might be that one person, who has a label maker to ensure their cups are numbered, or the stationary is intact or the books are ordered in an ascending order! You love making divisions for everything. Be it your clothes in a pattern or an extravagant shoe arrangement. You’re a neat freak and a storehouse of almost all possible products to clean everything up.

  • Best Host Ever

You are that one person who always wants to have the parties at their place, or in their order. To add more flair, your parties may be a little too extravagant for the normal eye, beware the next time you host a birthday party and have a flan instead of a cake!

  • Control Freak

You simply love authority. Not because you are position oriented, but simply because you know how to conduct things and are someone who is extremely resourceful. You’re the one who likes to hold the whip at the end and ensure things are done on time.

  • Mammabear

You’re the mother in your group. You undertake the self-imposed instructions to take care of your friends when they are sad, or have been through a rough patch, or simply when they are a little under the weather. Also when it comes to giving bear-squishy hugs, no one can give them to perfection as you can!

  • Punctuality Freak

You cannot bear the fact that people are late. You are always the one who shows up early to luncheon or is someone who ensures to always reach a place on time. Your ETA is always on fleek and your peers need to beware not to cross you and try their best to ensure they all reach on time or about it.

Amazed how similar you are?
Amazed how similar you are?
  • Competitive

You have a next level passion for always winning or being the best one ahead. You can turn anything into a competition and with your determination, it is hard for you to lose at it. Also, sportsman spirit is your Achilles Heel! As when up for competition you’re a charged up bull with just the red flag and the finish line in viewpoint.

  • You are the glue of your group

You might as well be the connecting dots to over half the friendships in your group. You are the piece that holds the menagerie of friends together. You love, understand and are fiercely loyal when it comes to showing what they really really mean to you. You cannot imagine a life without them and nor can they, without your presence.

  • Hands down you’re the best cook ever

When people end up with dal-roti and call it a night, you always have something new and exciting to bring to the dinner table. Be it the amazing Italian you make or the heavenly mac n cheese, one reason your house is hoarded is also because you have the best food around, and that too at all times!

  • You always have a favorite side, and with a good reason

Be it your favorite side on the bed, car, coffee mug, movie, book, character, and the list is endless. You have all the accurate reasons as to why it is justified to have a favorite xyz anything and no matter how absurd it makes you sound, you end up winning the case.

  • You love someone with every bit of your heart

When it comes to love, you have no shame in hiding your feelings. You will love someone immensely and with all your heart, but at the same time keep yourself grounded and be realistic. You’re a gem and you don’t even realize it at times and anyone who breaks your heart is a fool.

So, do you feel you are Monica Geller?


Feature Image Credits:  TV Spoiler Alert

Avnika Chhikara
[email protected]

Stories are written, characters are portrayed, love stories happen, but sometimes they can become so deeply entrenched in your life that everything changes and how unimaginable it may sound if I were to say that a TV show has the power to do that!

Aired in 1994, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most iconic shows of all time that has continued to win the hearts of people, generation after generation. But let me tell you, watching this show is not healthy because you end up in a vicious cycle of tantalising, and ever so obsessive temptation for the show, that once you have plunged into this ocean, there is no swimming back. Here the characters become your friends, their problems become your problems, their smile gives you a reason to smile and their happiness becomes a reason for yours. Joey’s warm hugs, Monica’s dominating yet amiable demeanour, Ross’s silliness, Rachel’s immaculate sense of dressing and gossip, Chandler’s awkwardly loveable and desirable humour and Phoebe’s sassy nature with a big heart are traits that all fans wish to imbibe.

Addiction to this show is unavoidable. It becomes the medicine for you when you are ill, sad, low or even happy. Regardless of the emotion, it acts like that sweet syrup you are ready to gulp down your throat without any reason at all.

The emotional void caused, when you haven’t been able to see the episodes for a long time, (long time here means like a couple of hours ) is incomparable. You end up giving the show and its characters more room in your heart (even bigger than Monica’s apartment) and doesn’t bother you, rather it gives you a sense of peace.

This timeless TV series is a temptation that teaches us that love is friendship and it is all about ‘sharing and receiving (Joey did explain that well!) Sometimes the gamut of sentiments are so overwhelming that they often roll down your eyes, sometimes there is silence and sometimes they just erupt in the form of a loud roar of laughter. Trust me, you will not be the same person anymore after watching this series and your outlook towards the world will change with the blink of an eye.

So understand one thing, when life is always stuck in second gear, and when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, this show will be there for you, because with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, nothing is off the table.

Riya Chhibber

[email protected]