With the longer days and harsh sun, the weather has seen a steep rise in the temperature. In this weather, we bring you exclusive add ups to your summer wardrobe that can set your style quotient high.

1. Wrap on skirt – Tight jeans become suffocating when the weather is hot and humid, and hence on steamy summer day a breezy skirt will be the best pick. Besides, one feels very romantic while wearing and twirling the skirt. You can simply pair it with a simple tee or do some light layering with a denim vest over a tank top.

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2. Palazzo Pants – Palazzo pants are loose, flowing pants that are are amazing because they’re so incredibly comfortable. They are just like pajamas, but only more presentable. You can wear bright palazzo pants with a classic striped shirt for a really cute look or add a crop top for a hint of sexiness.

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3. Deodorant – It goes without saying: deodorant is a must. Unless you like to torture people with your body odour.

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4. Bright nail paints – Fuchsia, turquoise, cobalt or lemon. Choose your pick amongst these spirit-elevating hues. In the exhausting summer, a pop of colour on your hands will give you a strange sense of being put-together whether you hold a chilled soda bottle or the sweaty metro pole.

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5. Shrugs – They are lightweight, breezy, and super stylish. The best part is they’ll protect your arms from harmful UV rays.

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6. Basic t-shirts: A few pairs of basic t-shirts in black, white, grey, and stripes will make sure that on days when you don’t have a minute to spare, your look will still be sleek. Make sure to choose a neckline (a v-neck/scoop neck/crew neck/boat neck) that is flattering on you. I personally wear my basic t-shirts with shorts, pants, and leggings, all day, every day.

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7. Face wipes – It’s inevitable to turn greasy and dull, thanks to the hot-dusty loo winds. But worry not – just swipe a cleansing wipe over your face and you’ll feel brand new.

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8. Lip balm – You may think that lip balms are a thing of winters, but lips also need care in summer because they lack the natural glands to keep them moist. And as the temperature rises your lips are exposed to harmful UV rays and suffer from dehydration, which subsequently makes them dry and chapped. Therefore to keep your lips supple and healthy, use a lip balm that has an SPF of at least 15.
Hope you enjoy a stylish and cool summer ahead!

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