The to-be-Delhi University students have a drastic change in store for them this admission season, with the authorities planning to scrap the cut-offs in the next academic session. As the four-year undergraduate system is all set to be launched, a common curriculum is most likely for all students in their first year.

Merit lists or maybe even an entrance exam might soon replace the dreaded cut-off lists that students watch out for every year. The only thing stopping the implementation of this system is the wait for the final approval from the academic council. However, the issue that arises here is the sheer number of applicants for the colleges in DU. Holding entrance tests for so many students in about 70 colleges is a mammoth task, and might get quite difficult to handle. “This doesn’t seem to be a very good idea, because entrances just increase pressure. The cut-offs were bad enough, now with entrance exams we have to worry about what to study and how to crack these tests just a few months after giving our boards,” says Sakshee, a school student currently in her final year.

Another change the officials want to bring about is the merging of the results from the different education boards across the country, giving individual colleges the ability to devise their own merit lists. Other internal changes might also be brought about, such as the scrapping of the marks given for attendance. However, these are just speculations and the truth will only be known closer to the admissions period. Until then, aspiring DU students anticipate the next avalanche waiting to crash over their heads, thanks to the University’s knack of throwing last minute shockers and its inability to make concrete decisions.