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Presenting a detailed guide to applying to one of the most premier institutes in the country, St. Stephen’s College. 

University of Delhi (DU) admissions have begun and it is important for all DU aspirants to be able to understand the admission procedures. The admissions to all colleges in the university follow a similar pattern. However, this pattern differs in the case of semi-autonomous colleges . One of these colleges includes St. Stephen’s College. This Christian minority college has a slightly different form of admission for taking in students.

Applying to St. Stephen’s College is a double-layered process. The applicant must start by applying to the university, that is, going through the standard procedure of filling the university application. Once that has been completed, the applicant must then apply on St. Stephen’s admission’s portal. This portal can only be accessed with the applicant’s DU form number. After accessing the admission portal, the applicant must register at the portal using their DU form number. This is followed by a verification email sent by the college. Once verified, the applicant can proceed to the next stage. The application procedure is very simple and comprehensive. The admission form has various sections that need to be filled or completed in order to move to the next aspect of the form.

Given below are the various steps for the same:

  1. After the verification is done, the first page begins with the form requesting various kinds of personal informations like the name of the applicant, the father’s name, the mother’s name, their occupations etc. After filling all such details correctly we move on to the next page.
  2. The second page deals with various documents that are to be submitted by the applicant with respect to various kinds of reservations that the college has allotted for non-Christian applicants. These are divided into various categories that include SCs, STs, and OBCs. In case of Christian students, documents that declare their churches and denominations are to be submitted. All Christian students are to submit scanned copies of their baptism certificates along with a declaration from their parish Priest stating the authenticity of the Christian upbringing of the applicant. The applicant can also select multiple categories, if it applies to him or her.
  3. The third page deals with course selection. This page provides details for the various courses that the institution provides, and the subjects that need to be added for the same. After the applicant selects the subject or subjects he or she wishes to apply to, the applicant can proceed to the next page.
  4. The fourth page deals with various aspects of the applicant’s education qualifications. This space is meant for the applicants to put in details like the address of their school, the form of syllabus or the board that they followed, their school etc. The scanned copies of tenth and twelfth class mark sheets are to be uploaded here. Followed by whether their result has been declared or not. If the applicant chooses “Yes”, then four columns appear for the subjects. The applicant can also add more subjects. Based on the subject chosen, the site automatically calculates the best of four. For example: If the student chooses chemistry, then chemistry would be automatically added in the best of four.
  5. The fifth page deals with three questions. This page is a very important step in filling the form. It can also be said to be the most important because it deals with the applicant answering questions posed by the college. The answers play an important role in further selections. The first question deals with the goals, aspirations, and various interests of the applicant.
  6. This question is followed by the statement of purpose (SOP). This basically asks the applicant to state the reasons for choosing the subject they have applied for. The applicant must answer this question carefully. The last question is “Why St. Stephen’s College?”

These three questions are to be written within a word limit of 100 to 300 words.

Applications are filtered from here, based on the answers written by the applicants. Thus, it is important to write carefully with valid reasons for your arguments.

Once the SOPs have been filled, the payment has to be made for the form. The applicant has to pay 200 INR per course. If the applicant wants to apply for the residence facility, then another 350 rupees is to be paid. The residence facility is the hostel facility that the college provides for its students, who do not belong to Delhi or the NCR regions.

This is the basic format that is followed by the college for its admission process. Do not be worried about the SOPs ( Please take a copy of your SOPs as they might be needed for the interview that would follow).

A thorough background of your course and the college would be good pointers for a great SOP. DU Beat wishes good luck to all applicants applying to St. Stephen’s. May the odds be in your favour!

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