end of world


So, 21st December is right around the corner and we might just get to see an actual 3D version of the movie 2012. According to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, 21 December 2012 will see the end of 5125 year long cycle. Apart from this, several other astrologers, numerologists and researchers have come up with their own theories on how the world will end.

3 days before the apparent end of the world, let us look at some of the doomsday theories that looked initially logical but failed nevertheless :

1)God’s church ministry, 2008.

According to God’s church minister Ronald Weinland , millions of humans would have died by 2006 and in a little less than two years, The USA will be stripped of its “superpower” status And humanity will see its worst fate.

2) Nostradamus , August 2009

Nostradamus made approximately 1000 predictions, of which about half have already come true. Therefore, it is of no surprise that people tend to believe his predictions of end of the world. “The year 1999, seventh month / from the sky will come great king of terror.” Many Nostradamus devotees grew concerned that this was the famed prognosticator’s vision of Armageddon.

3) Mormon Armageddon , circa 1891

Founder of Mormon Church ,Joseph Smith called upon his disciples and informed them that he had spoken to God recerntly who had said that Jesus will return after 56years after which the end of the world would be prompted.

4) Haley’s comet,1910

In 1881, it was discovered by an astronomer that comet tails include cynogen which is a deadly gas and when the comet would finally strike arth in 1910, the entire planet would be filled with this toxic gas. However, soon scientists pointed out a flaw in this theory and put an end to all speculations.

5) The Millerites, April 23, 1843

A New England farmer named William Miller, after several years of very careful study of his Bible, concluded that God’s chosen time to destroy the world could be divined from a strict literal interpretation of scripture. As he explained to anyone who would listen, the world would end some time between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844. He preached and published enough to eventually lead thousands of followers (known as Millerites) who decided that the actual date was April 23, 1843. Many sold or gave away their possessions, assuming they would not be needed; though when April 23 arrived (but Jesus didn’t) the group eventually disbanded—some of them forming what is now the Seventh Day Adventists.

Source- http://www.livescience.com/7926-10-failed-doomsday-predictions.html

A lot of mortals, Mayans, their descendants and otherwise believe that the world shall meet its end on the 21st of December of this year that has gone by, viz. 2012. As always there is the ardent group of the nay-sayers, the non-believers, the sceptics. These members of highest pig-headedness as well as optimism are found in generous dosage across the face of planet which is apparently approaching its long-forecasted doom.

The supremely intelligent coterie of people, the powers that be at Delhi University however are those who belong to the yet another category of people, the most commonly found – the sloths. If our sources are to be believed, news is that all checking of examination answer-sheets has been put on hold. This affects courses from the undergrad level, and taking its path through the post-graduate courses infiltrates the doctorate programmes. The process of checking the answer-sheet will slowly begin only after the 21st of this month, after every agency confirms that life will go on.

Our source informs us that the authorities at the University feel that in the event of the apocalypse, the declaration of results leaves no one in good stead. One one hand, it calls the teachers to check scores of answer sheets, which may all be to no avail, thus expending their energies in vain. The other concern being that they “wish that the students end their time on Earth without the additionally depressing knowledge of their scores”, though exceptions may abound for the sundry genii who populate the University in peaceful cohabitation. For them, we offer our commiserations.