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On 12 July 2018, Hotel Taj Lands East stood firsthand witness to the much awaited annual battle of entrepreneurial action for college students across India; the Enactus National Competition 2018.

After a series of regional competitions, the qualifying teams competed for a spot in the Enactus World Cup 2018 by presenting their Business Ideas and showcasing their impact to an auditorium packed with not just students but also academicians and business leaders. The winning projects were those presented by Enactus Shri Ram College of Commerce, and the National Champions were felicitated by Arun M Kumar, Chairman at Enactus India National Advisory Board and Chairman & CEO at KPMG in India.

Enactus is an international community of student, academicians and business leaders committed to developing free enterprise outreach projects that transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. The core philosophy driving these projects is; ‘Give me a fish and I will eat for a day; teach me how to fish and I will eat for a lifetime’. The focus is on sustainability; the project should continue even without the founding team. Enactus has gone from being a small organization at the National Leadership Institute in Texas, USA to a worldwide network of more than 70,500 other students who are each making their own contribution towards their shared mission of creating a better world.

This year, SRCC triumphed over the nationals, strengthening Delhi University’s long held legacy over this competition. The winning projects were Project Virasat, that endeavours to revive the UNESCO listed dying artform of brass and copper utensils through design modification, brand development and targeted marketing strategies, thus impacting 11 ‘Thathair’ families, and Project Asbah, that aims to provide clean drinking water to rural households and urban slums through contamination specific filtration mechanism.

In 2017, the team from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies dominated the Enactus Nationals and was eventually named World Champion for Project Raahat, which aims to increase sanitation in slum communities of urban Delhi, and Project Udaan, an initiative that empowers women to operate computer centers in rural India to promote skill development and increase awareness of economic opportunities.

Arjun Goel, 3rd year B.Com.(Hons) student at SRCC and the President of Enactus SRCC is euphoric about the victory and aims to bring the World Cup back through his team’s innovative, impactful an invincible ideas. Sachin Natraj, 3rd year B.Com.Hons student at SRCC and Executive Member of Project Asbah says that this is more than a victory for their team – it is a road leading to the betterment of their projects and communities.

Amidst the titans, Enactus Kalindi College, which began just about 10 months ago, saw a meteoric rise amongst the finalists of Enactus Nationals. With a team of only 13 members, Enactus Kalindi was able to carve a niche for itself through Project Rehmat, which aims to protect manual scavengers and provide women scavengers with sustainable livelihood opportunities, like soap-making. Within a short time, Enactus Kalindi was able to beat out competition from 20 other colleges to battle it out in the finals. When DU Beat interacted with Srishti Sharma, the President of Enactus Kalindi, she candidly spoke of her experience of sharing the platforms with established societies like Ramjas and SSCBS, and hopes for an even better run the next year.

We wish the entire team at Enactus SRCC a heartfelt congratulations and the very best for the Enactus World Cup scheduled for October 2018 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, California, USA.

Enactus, a household name in the University of Delhi, is the world’s largest experiential learning platform. This social venture has helped transform communities with the involvement of young visionary minds at the college level. Here are the highlights from the projects, achievements and initiatives from the Enactus societies of Delhi University:

Enactus Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS)

Enactus SSCBS, established in 2009 is one of the most well-known names in the circuit. The team for the academic session of 2017-18 secured the first position in the Enactus Nationals 2017. Their flagship projects Udaan and Raahat were adjudged as the best projects by the jury. They went on to represent India at the Enactus World Cup in September 2017 in London. They bagged laurels for the country by lifting the World Cup as well as the Water Race trophy. Since their inception, some of the projects they have worked on are Project Akshar, Sanitation Solutions, Project Gramodhaar, Project Udaan, Project Raahat, to name a few, to work towards causes like unemployment, eradication of open defecation, usage of affordable sanitary napkins etc. They have received prestigious grants from Mahindra, Ford, and KPMG. Enactus SSCBS has also actively worked with Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Project Raahat has a partnership with Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board for the allotment of public toilet complexes. This year, they also organised a Social Start-up Fest where social enterprises were invited to showcase their projects to NGOs and investors. On World Water Day, they hosted a Sanitation Conference which received acknowledgement from the Honourable Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Suresh Prabhu.


Enactus Lady Shri Ram College

Established in 2012, this chapter of Enactus has paved their position in the circuit as one of the most hard working and active societies. The team has successfully worked on five projects till date, namely, Project Maati, to initiate a transformation from chemical to organic farming in Punjab, Project Yuvaakti, focussing on the skill development of the women from Chaina and Bajwara in Punjab, Project Kalakaashi, to restore indigenous crafts in Varanasi, Project Auric, working for the economic benefit of rural women in Harayana. Their most recent venture, called Project Utthaan aims to curb air pollution and addressing the issue of degrading air quality. Under this project, the team has promoted vertical gardening services. Project Utthaan focusses on uplifting poor nurseries and the skill enhancement of the stakeholders involved. Enactus LSR were also among the top 24 teams in the Enactus Nationals 2017. They have also collaborated with NGOs like Santiniketan Society for Youth Empowerment, Kolkata for Project Auric and IFFCO Kisan for Project Utthaan.


Ready, Set, Go! #NC17 #EnactusIndia #WeAllWin

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Enactus Hindu College

Since its formation in 2013, Enactus Hindu College has come a long way with their social initiatives. This year, they effectively worked on Project Oorja and Project Veerangana. The second phase of Project Oorja sought to develop a low-cost solar lamp to economically empower the street vendors. This project promotes the use of renewable sources of energy, imparting a significant environmental impact. Enactus Hindu College received the Blue Dart Empowering Competition Grant 2017 and Mahindra Grant 2017. Project Veerangana is an enterprise to promote women safety by training women in self-defence. Apart their main projects, they also work for ensuring a safe environment for stray dogs in harsh weather conditions.

Enactus Motilal Nehru College (MLNC)

This chapter of Enactus was established in 2014. The team was among the top 24 in the Enactus Nationals 2017. Enactus MLNC has actively worked towards the welfare of animals. Their Project Parivartan started with the goal to create a safer environment for stray dogs through practices like sterilising and immunising to fight diseases like Rabies. Project DESI developed from the previously mentioned Project Parivartan. DESI stands for “Duty to Empathize, Sterilize and Immunize” stray dogs. Under this project, the team collaborated with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), college campuses and Animal Welfare NGOs to create a healthy environment for stray animals. Apart from animal welfare, Project Parivartan also branches out to women empowerment through the employment of underprivileged women living in Chanakyapuri making handmade dog collars and leashes. The team has worked with NGOs like Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Friendicoes, and Sonadi Animal Welfare Trust. During National Volunteering Week, Enactus MLNC organised an event called Coexistence in partnership with PETA Youth India and Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), to spread awareness about the animal protection acts and the concept of veganism.


Enactus Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (SBSC)

One of the most active members of the social community, Enactus SBSC, since its beginning in 2014, has worked on four major projects. Project Karva aimed at forming a business model, to not only provide women with vocational training, but also grant them with a market to sell handcrafted pots. Their second venture, Project Roshni, in which they collaborated with Janata Rehabilitation Center and Nai Disha NGO, sought to empower the visually impaired. Project Aahar started with the goal to achieve “zero hunger” by providing employment opportunities to the seasonally employed migrant workers from in and around Delhi, to train them to run their food stalls. In the academic session of 2017-18, Enactus SBSC laid the foundations for Project Vidyut. The project involves an aim to influence the villages in India to switch to alternate sources of energy, like biogas. sbsc

Image Credits: Enactus SBSC.   


Enactus Hansraj College

Conceptualised in 2012, Enactus Hansraj has actively worked towards providing entrepreneurship avenues for marginalised women through Projects Swaad and Lekhni, and establishing the facilities of clean drinking water with Project Boond. The team is currently working on two flagship projects called Project Aangan and Project Mithaas, aimed at building a network of crèches for the benefit of underprivileged children. Under Project Mithaas, this year they also worked towards promoting bee keeping as an alternative source of income among the farmers of our country. They introduced two social campaigns called Ahsaas and Aashayein. Under Ahsaas, the team helped organise several workshops for blind community. They collaborated with Navjyoti NGO under their dream campaign, Aashayein, for the holistic development of children.

Enactus Sri Venkateswara College (SVC)

Enactus SVC introduced two new projects during its 2017-18 session. Their first initiative, called The Crimson Project, started with an aim to manufacture, and consequently increase the availability of reusable sanitary napkins. Project Barqat, their second venture this year works towards imparting training among target groups to help them in the procurement of raw material, assembling of the parts, production and the final installation of solar bulbs. Enactus SVC has worked on other projects like Project Aushadhi, which was an enterprise to bond the homeless with unusedlized excess medication, Project Heartist, to help train artists, Project Captain Compost to help turn waste into soil amendment, Project CiggB, an anti-smoking project. Under Project CiggB, the team has conducted several online and offline campaigns to raise awareness. During Volunteering Week 2018, they organised three successful events over a period of 6 days, namely, Captain Cleanliness, Trash the Ash and Win with waste.


Enactus Kirori Mal College (KMC)

The KMC chapter of Enactus started in 2016 has successfully catered to two projects since its inception, and is currently in the works for four prospective projects. Project Patradya works towards providing a bio-degradable alternative to plastic in the form of edible cutlery made by a community of Afghan refugee women. Their second endeavour, called Project Dor, aimed to alleviate a group of women in Sapera Basti, Najafgarh Delhi, who were at the brink of prostitution, through production of scarves using the traditional art of tie and dye. Enactus KMC bagged the second position at the Enactus Rookie League, and was shortlisted for the semi-finals, emerging as a part of the top 24 teams of Enactus Nationals 2017.


We officially kick started our School Outreach Programme at DPS Ghaziabad Vasundhara to generate awareness about the plastic menace and provide a healthy and environment-friendly alternative in the form of our project Patradya. We hope to do more of these in the future to continue with our ultimate goal of educating more and more people about issues that prohibit the sustainable growth of our society and mutually find solutions for them. If you are interested in organising/holding awareness workshops on refugees and/or tackling the increasing plastic waste that’s crippling our environment, kindly message us or drop us a mail at [email protected]. #enactus #dpsghaziabad #sustainability #weallwin #projectpatradya #environment #enactusindia


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(All information is based on the data received from participating colleges in a DU Beat survey)


Feature Image Credits: Enactus, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.

Bhavya Banerjee

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If you’re a student in college, it’s quite apparent to hear the word ‘Enactus’ time and again, and be drawn towards it once you gather knowledge of their far-reaching projects. Enactus is essentially an international non-profit organization that brings together teams of university students with entrepreneurs and admirable educators to make a meaningful difference in their communities while enhancing their business skills to become great leaders of today and tomorrow.

In the Enactus India National Championship, students from all over the country are provided a forum to showcase the results of their extensive business ventures and community outreach projects through rounds of live, presentation based competition. Having previously won the Enactus National Championship twice, once in 2011 and the other in 2014, Enactus Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) recently scored a hat-trick by emerging victorious, again, at the Enactus Nationals 2016 held on 21st and 22nd July at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

Established in January 2009, the team of Enactus SSCBS strives to create a significant change in the society by using the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and implementation of business models to empower all the disadvantaged members of the society and make them self sufficient individuals.

The first and the oldest initiative that Enactus SSCBS worked upon was Sanitary Solutions that aimed at improving the sanitary conditions of women in slums and villages across India. They also promoted the safe and effective use of sanitary napkins by making them easily accessible and extremely affordable to the women of rural areas and urban slums. This initiative was started from the slums of Delhi NCR and later, spread throughout the nation.

Their second outreach initiative was Project Akshar which began in 2011 and focused on setting up low cost environment-friendly notebook production units through collection of waste paper, recycling of the same and binding of this recycled paper into notebooks by our entrepreneurs, i.e. victims of drug abuse and human trafficking. This year, they expanded the paper collection to six cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Noida and Vaishali. Further, they also came up with an innovative new variant of producing extremely low priced notebooks, especially for the underprivileged children.

Another project which the team effectively worked on was Grammodhar which aimed at creating an overall holistic development of Ghamroj, a village 30-40 kms from Gurgaon. To stimulate their economy, they encouraged and assisted people in setting up new business ventures such as Poultry farming, beauty parlors and tailoring works. Since it was difficult to penetrate a village, the team also used several trust building activities (such as health camps, etc) to have their bonafide intentions felt.

The two projects which the team presented at Enactus Nationals 2016 were Raahat and Udaan. Through Raahat, the team aims at eradicating open defecation by providing safe sanitation facilities and improving the existing infrastructure of community toilets. They began by undertaking the management of toilet complexes in Sultanpuri and adopted a user centric approach which included the system of family passes, sensitisation and health campaigns. As a result, the population who defecated in the open dropped from 95% to 3% after only six months of their project’s implementation. Udaan, on the other hand, aims to promote digital literacy through setting up of computer labs in villages and teaching the working knowledge of computers to all children by women entrepreneurs. Currently, the team has set up 12 computer centres in villages across Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and many more.

On being asked to unveil the secret of their team’s continual success, Harsh Garg, one of the team members of Enactus SSCBS said, “What really sets our team apart is our approach towards problem solving. One of our core beliefs has been that we can solve India’s most daunting social and economic issues if we empower individuals to take an action against it. This is manifest in all of our projects. We do not just empower our entrepreneurs in terms of their income but also in terms of their capability to impact people. This leads to a chain effect in which setting up even a single computer centre or a production unit ends up bringing about a change in several lives. Another thing which differentiates our team is the amount of passion and commitment exhibited by each and every member of the project. More than a team, we are a close knit family which possesses an unconditional attachment for our work at Enactus, without which we cannot survive even one normal conversation, let alone a day.”

Currently, the team is busy with their preparation of new ideas for their project’s presentation at the Enactus World Cup, where they will compete against the National Champion teams from 36 other countries in Toronto, Canada.
DU Beat wishes the entire team good luck for all their future endeavors!

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Shagun Marwah
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One of the most sought after Enactus teams in the country, Enactus SSCBS is back with its awaited College Leaders Program (CLP).

Earning the spotlight by winning Enactus Nationals and representing India in the Enactus World Cup 2014 in Beijing, China, Enactus SSCBS works on various social entrepreneurial projects like Sanitation Solutions, Gramodhar and Project Akshar.

The Project Akshar Initiative would be the focus of this year’s College Leader’s program. Akshar’s larger motive lies in making the disabled and underprivileged socially and emotionally independent, it seeks to empower them with book binding skills.

To help reach the goals of Akshar, CLP was initiated where students from various colleges in Delhi are chosen to be the representatives of Project Akshar within their college. The students chosen then form a team to undertake waste paper collection, promotion and selling of The Akshar Notebooks. To sum up, it is an opportunity for university students to gain valuable startup experience while creating and implementing action plans for their campuses.

College Leaders Program

The CLP has expanded its horizon by also involving people in e waste collection. Selected people will also be involved in corporate partnerships and social media marketing.

This is the 6th phase of the CLP, which through its previous phases has worked successfully with more than 50 colleges each year.

For an overview of the tasks and responsibilities to be assigned visit: bit.ly/CLPDocument

For registration, apply here: bit.ly/CLP-VI

Last date to apply for College Leader’s Programme is 11th October 2015

For Further information, contact Akash Mundeja (+91 9873569151) and Jai Nalwa (+91 8860507373)

Kartikeya Bhatotia

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ENACTUS SSCBS is one of the most active social service societies in the DU circuit. With 4 fully functional projects under its belt, Enactus is determined to make changes that go beyond simply a mention in resumes. As a part of its Project Akshar, an undertaking that helps impoverished communities to earn a living by making notebooks from recycled paper, Enactus put up a stall in SSCBS on 6th January 2014. Available in multiple sizes, the considerations from these notebooks go directly to the makers with Enactus running the overall machinery.

Vatsal Khullar, the President of Enactus SSCBS remarks, ‘The cause is such that people can now associate with it. It’s in its 3rd year. The basic idea is something that people are very supportive of. It humbles me to see the kind of enthusiasm Project Akshar has received and how keenly CBS student body engages itself in Enactus’ endeavors.’

DSC_3819 DSC_3774 DSC_3677


Project Akshar, an initiative by Enactus S.S.C.B.S., was started in the year 2011 with an aim to provide employment opportunities to those in need, help the environment and provide affordable education to the under privileged. It envisions creating extremely affordable, environment –friendly notebooks, by recycling and reusing paper that is discarded as waste by corporate houses, RWA’s and other organisations to create spiral bound eco-friendly notebooks which are produced by a group of:

  • hearing impaired individuals
  • victims of drug abuse,trafficking and abandonment

All sale proceeds from these notebooks go entirely to them.

For every 3 notebooks sold,1 notebook is sent to a child in need.

To commemorate 2 years of Project Akshar’s completion, ENACTUS S.S.C.B.S. is organizing ‘Akshar Day’ on 24th March, 2013 by organizing paper collection drives throughout Delhi and NCR, reaching out to thousands of people in the National Capital Region and collecting a momentous amount of paper.

Enactus is an international not-for-profit organisation that works with business leaders and university students across the globe to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life of people in need.

At Enactus Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (S.S.C.B.S.) (University of Delhi)we have been engaged in using business models to empower those in need, since our inception in January 2009.


Applications are open for students from all colleges to volunteer and participate in these collection drives.

Come, be a part of this celebration!

For any information, please contact: 


Sakshi Gupta
Vice President,Partnerships
Enactus SSCBS

Krishni Miglani

Enactus SSCBS

To apply for the same visit the following link : bit.ly/aksharvolunteer
Hurry application deadline closes soon.