enactus SGTB Khalsa

The Enactus team of SGTB Khalsa College, organised an event on 7th October to celebrate Daan Utsav a.k.a The Joy of Giving Week. The team visited Arya Kanya Gurukul, a boarding school for under-privileged girls and served lunch to the girls. Afterwards, the team organised interactive activities for the kids which left broad smiles on the kids’ faces!
The program commenced with lunch. Later, a Talent Round was conducted in which chocolates were rewarded to all the kids who participated. This was followed by a playful competition of Newspaper Dance in which even the team members participated along with the girls. It concluded with a myriad of merriment.
While the kids’ became overjoyed on finding new companions, it seemed as if the team had an equally fascinating experience. One of the team members put the entire program into words, “We came here to spread joy, the joy of giving and the joy of sharing but the truth is that the joy of giving is always greater than the joy of receiving. The innocent smiles of the kids definitely made all the efforts towards putting up the event, worthwhile. We take back home a million memories and more happiness in our hearts, than we came with.