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Leading by Bushnell’s quote, “The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” the Enactus Society of Delhi University’s Maitreyi College has grown, within only two years of its inception, into a well established platform of social transformation that aims to achieve a holistic development of all the weaker sections of the society and help them attain a sustainable livelihood through various development programs and social entrepreneurial projects.

Founded by Sanchila Arora in 2014, the society consists of some forty members who together took on their very first entrepreneurial initiative – Project Unnayan. Adhering to the purpose of the word ‘Unnayan’ which means ‘Upliftment’, the project works towards the process of improving the living conditions of all women residing in the socially and economically backward sections of the society by training them in making and selling liquid dishwashing products, Clean Ninja.

Clean Ninja
Clean Ninja


There are many areas in Delhi where economic trends are extremely weak which not only lessens economic opportunities for all but also leads to low incomes, poor living conditions and health of families and low levels of sustainability due to unemployment. There have also been several instances, as confessed by women to the members of Enactus Maitreyi, in which their husbands have spent all their income in consumption of alcohol and even became violent when tried to be stopped, further leading to the deliberate wastage of all their money on unruly wants instead of being used for basic requirements of care for their families.

The members of Enactus Maitreyi therefore, get together with the targeted set of women in a safe and hygienic working environment on a regular basis, and train them in the basic techniques of producing the liquid dishwasher, Clean Ninja. They do so by teaching them the methods of measuring and mixing all the ingredients correctly with the help of different apparatus and neatly packaging the products simultaneously once they are created. Once they are familiar with this art of producing the dishwashing liquid, they are guided to the process of marketing and selling the products as well. Apart from the production, the women employed under Enactus Maitreyi are also taught about the basic necessities of wearing gloves and masks during the whole process and the uniqueness of these products which lies in their quality and uniformity along with the environment-friendly aspect adjoined with it. In short, the team members do everything they can to help them gain proficiency in all the essential skills and knowledge required for becoming strong, self sufficient and economically independent women in the society.

Enactus maitreyi


Rashmi Verma, President, Enactus Society of Maitreyi, strongly believes that “There aren’t any people, who wouldn’t want to make a change in the society, but there are indeed, very few who successfully create a difference. More than dreamers, we are the ‘do-ers’. Being an all girls team, we have learnt the strength and courage each one holds within us. There is nothing in the world which can deter our unity now and stop us from turning any idea into a reality once we put our mind to it. Through Project Unnayan, we provide women a platform where they can explore new arenas of life and start living a life they never believed they could experience. All women employed under our initiative are thus, working voluntarily and are extremely happy with this effort crossing their lives.”

The Enactus Society of Maitreyi College has also recently won the KPMG Grant Competition 2015, where they have been awarded with a grant of Rs. 50,000.

Due to the consistent positive response gained for their results of Clean Ninja, once their current project becomes stable and the women of the community gain complete self reliance over their work, the Enactus Society of Maitreyi College has decided to come up with the production of many more variants of the same product with a new set of workforce, and would also be seen creating many more successful projects in the near future.

Picture Credits: Shagun Marwah for DU Beat

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