Empezar 2014


SSCBS Synergy’s pan-India business event- Empezar concluded on Wednesday, January 22. The final day centered around the theme of globalization. A two hour long training session on business development was followed by a task in which every team was given a country and they had to come up with a ‘Day’ to be celebrated to commemorate it’s rich culture.

They then had to commercialise the day with everything from merchandising to events being organised along it’s central theme. The winners were declared on the basis of the cumulative performance of all the four days. They came up with the idea of ‘Bleed Red Day’- a day that celebrates equilibrium in society when good conquers evil. Poornima Puri, a second year B.Com (H) student was declared the overall winner from the winning team. Each of the ten members got a sum of rs. 4,000 with Puri taking home ten grand. In addition, they get to pick an internship of their choice from Empezar’s interning partners. On being questioned, the proud winner had the following to say:

How was your experience at Empezar?

Empezar, in it’s true sense, has been a beginning for me to take things to the next level and believe in being crazy. The idea to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, really added value to each participant’s journey.

Being divided into teams, named after dynasties, promoted a sense of competition with a royal touch. My team, the Mauryans, was consistent in performance and immovable from the 1st spot. The team’s win was well expected but being chosen as the overall individual winner did come as a surprise. I am thankful for my team’s support and the OC’s watchful eye.

Have you participated in college events before?

Yes, I have participated in events over the University but Synergy does have a way to put quality into a competitive event.

Did the large scale of this national event, differentiate it from the rest for you?

Empezar, being a National level event, does hold it’s prestige and helps the participants as well as the winners to proudly associate with it.

Any winner’s tips for the ones reading the article?

As for winner’s tips, my only advice is to truly believe in your capabilities and organize the way you work. Give your 100% and have no regrets!

Synergy SSCBS has created a new dimension to its array of corporate events – Empezar 2014. Spanning over two months, the event started with national visits to Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and finally taking on Delhi in early January.

The event centres around the top 100 participants, selected after a rigorous four tier procedure. These are being given training in different fields of Indian business through industry experts. It will carry on for four days with each day focusing on a different era of  Indian business evolution.

Day 1- Colonialism

Day 2-Industrialization

Day 3-Liberalization

Day 4-Globalization

The event commenced on January 18 with a corporate dinner which brought the participants, organising members and professionals from the corporate and academic world together in a congenial set up. The program started with a welcome note followed by a panel discussion comprising:

Dr. Poonam Verma, Principal SSCBS

Professor SC Malik, Treasurer SSCBS

Dr. Kumar Bijoy, BFIA Department Head and Convenor, Synergy

Mr. Pankaj Prasad, Director, Advik Laboratories

Mr.Ajay Gomes, Founder, E&M Evangelic Training

Mr. Gagan Girotra, Founder PRAX

The theme of the discussion was ‘Staying Ahead of Changing Times’. Vahini Menon Kapila, Managing Director, Synergy had the following to say, “From ideation to the final implementation, the experience has been stupendous. We have managed to bring together a team of highly skilled people together for an intensive training program. Hopefully, everyone will  leave Empezar with an amazing experience”.

The discussion was followed by dinner and Empezar was declared open.

Note: DU Beat is the official media partner of Empezar 2014.