Ellen DeGeneres


Ellen DeGeneres is a name synonymous with the American comedy and entertainment industry. She is known all over the world for her humour, smile, charm and tremendous courage, making her a force to reckon with. After spending over 20 years in the American entertainment industry, in 2017, Ellen bagged 3 more People’s Choice Awards, making her award tally the highest across Hollywood. She won awards in the fields of Favourite Daytime TV Host, Favourite Animated Movie for Finding Dory, and Favourite Comedic Collaborator. Previously, Ellen has won awards for Favourite Daytime TV Host six times along with Favourite Talk Show Host four times, Favourite Comedic Actress four times and Favourite Humanitarian. Ellen was presented the trophy by Justin Timberlake who referred to her as ‘one of the best people on this planet’. Ellen, humbled by her 20th win, thanked her audience for their support, motivation and laughs.

Apart from Ellen’s 20 wins at the People’s Choice Awards, she has also won 29 Emmys, numerous other awards for her charitable works, and most recently, the Presidential Medal of Freedom given to her by President Barack Obama. Ellen has also hosted popular and prestigious events like the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and the Prime Time Emmy Awards. Ellen is truly an icon the world admires as she personifies the importance of courage, grace and determination in order to lead a commercially successful life. Ellen has always taken bold steps in her life, which have led to her global significance. She was the first openly lesbian television actress who talked about LGBT issues, bullying and depression. Her coming out story gathered a mixed reaction in a slowly modernising America. In 2008, she married her long time girlfriend Portia de Rossi. Ellen and Portia have been very proud of their step towards gaining marriage equality for all same sex couples across America. Ellen is a proud humanitarian who engages herself with charitable causes across the world and also stands strongly for animal rights.

Ellen has been viewed as an icon of phenomenal success and strength. Her ever expanding network of global significance keeps growing as she proves to the world that being happy and being who you truly are must be complementary terms in order to produce a successful life. May she keep putting a wide smile across our faces forever. We love you Ellen!

Picture Credits: Fox News

Joyee Bhattacharya

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