Economiska 2013


The first day of Economiska started with great enthusiasm and economic fervour that lasted the entire day .The fest had the perfect ingredients for people who have any kind of economic inclination. The day started with a discussion on the Indian economy and FDI by an eminent member of the faculty of IBS. The session was highly interactive and informative. This was followed by a debate on the topic “social cash transfers –A utopian dream for India”. The event witnessed a huge participation and the debaters showcased brilliant oratory skills and put forward vital economic arguments, keeping the audience glued to their seats. The main catch of the day was the treasure hunt where numerous teams from various colleges actively participated to get hold of the final treasure. The day ended with the case study competition where the participants were tested for their business and economic sense, making it a very thrilling event. The wait is now for the second day where events like ‘mock stock’ and ‘undercover economist’ are bound to be a witty stimulation to the enthusiastic participants.]]>