DUSU 2012


After a tumultuous day of tensions , the DUSU election results were announced, with ABVP’s Akshit Dhaiya elected as the DUSU President and ABVP’s Pradeep Tanwar winning the post of Vice President, NSUI’s Ashish Lamba securing the post of Secretary, and ABVP’s Shivangi Kharwal winning the post of Joint Secretary.



The counting took place in Community Centre, Kingsway Camp. The counting began after a delay of almost two hours as opposed to the scheduled timing of 8.30 am as the candidates turned up late, news agency PTI reported.Around 2:20 p.m, ABVP was leading on all the four posts.





The voting turnout was recorded at 39.90 per cent this year, over four notches down from the last year.Last year, the election saw a 44.46 per cent voter turnout. The polling for four positions of  ended amid allegations of Electronic Voter Machine (EVM) malfunctioning. More than 1.3 lakh students were eligible to cast their vote this time. As many as 144 EVMs were used for Delhu University Students’ Union polls and 137 were used for college union polls. Polling began on 12th September 2019 for morning colleges at 9.30 a.m .and ended at 1 p.m, while in evening colleges it commenced at 3 p.m. and ended at 7.30 p.m.


DUSU elections have a new game-changer. A real threat to the existing band of boys and girls chock-full of braggadocio who have dominated elections in the Varsity till date, Ranbir Kapoor, alias Janardhan riding on the tall crest of success following his musical accomplishments has filed his nominations for the post of President today. He has always shown his ambitious attitude since voicing his wish to replicate the success of his idol, Jim Morrison. The already established stalwarts of the DU elections scenario have each expressed their surprise and also a strange fear regarding this new behemoth of a contestant which has seemingly weakened their bladders. Popular among his wannabe-fans as Jordan, Janardhan has issued a statement saying that his decision to file his candidature came after his peers and seniors began to mock his whacked-out sense of dressing and consequently he would want to try and implement a uniform in the University that would be identical to his daily wear. However in a shockingly honest and true declaration he further stated that the final and strongest spurt of determination for him came when he realised that his acting career had nothing more to offer him and he is better off as a typeset DU student.