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Stranger Things streamed its Season 3 on Netflix last week. Here is my take on this weird and mysterious season that certainly lived up to its hype.

Familiar faces return to our laptop screens when yet again, the mind-flayer is down to do the dirty. Amidst great publicity, promotion and production, Stranger Things Season 3 dropped with an engaging plotline and larger than life monster crises. The success story of this show’s popularity comes from its advantage of being a certified binge-watch. With just eight episodes, almost all of us sit and finish them, watching one after the other, playing it out like an eight-hour long movie rather than eight separate episodes.

This time around, the monster is bigger and better; American capitalism is growing, the show engages national level security crises where the Soviet Union is involved, the kids are now teenagers with priority issues and the mind flayer has a personal grudge against Eleven. These plotlines lead to a few kids and adults actually saving their country from not only an otherworldly being but also a Soviet Union infiltration of America.

Despite how absurd it always sounds, the Duffer Brothers make you buy it. Even if their story and imagination go off rails, their always loved characters bring the story back to its place and keep the viewers engaged. The emotional entanglement between the characters always pulls at your heartstrings, makes you laugh at places, and cry at others.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven is as adorable as it can get, she is still learning and exploring, she is naive when it comes to human relations but fierce when fighting monsters and throwing cars with her mind. She gets a confidant in the sassy out-going Max which works superbly well. There is Mike and Lucas, who are entwined in girl problems, Will who is feeling left out and Dustin, who is mostly away with a new gang of hooligans. This party with our beloved Steve and new faces Robin and Erica is the most fun to watch.

On the other hand, Joyce and Hopper have switched places with Nancy and Jonathan from Season 2 by undertaking the bickering-old-couple persona in their separate journey. Just like the past two seasons, it all culminates with one last fight, where all of these separate bands come together.

Another commendable moment was Robin coming out. We get to know little about this new character, but she remains fresh and boldly away from stereotypical gay representation. Steve again steals our hearts with his platonic friendship goals. Another aspect that Duffer Brother’s might explore in the next season can be Will’s sexuality. I strongly feel that he might come out as an asexual but his unwillingness to enter into romantic angles can also just be another aspect of him clinging to his childhood.

The show ends at a definitive cliff hanger which is absolutely heartbreaking for all of us, but it also makes many of us excited and already come up with fan theories about what will happen in the next season. Looking forward to Season 4, till then, keep the door open 3 inches!



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