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The University of Delhi has various colleges providing a number of different sports through which students can grab a seat (sports quota). With upcoming sports trials for those who seek this sports quota, the varsity will open its gates for students to show their mettle in their respective sports. Here we will introduce the most sought-after sports in Delhi University.


  1. Archery


For all the toxophilites, this sport is not only about using a bow and arrow and taking an aim but is a competitive sport that requires skill, precision, focus, control and determination. The various colleges of the varsity aim to hone these skills in the students and provide them with opportunities to take it further.


  1. Athletics

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It comprises of various track and field events which include various competitions in running, jumping, throwing and walking events. Delhi University boasts of one of a kind training provided in athletics with almost 39 colleges providing seats for students.


  1. Badminton


With its history rooted in India, when British Army Officers learned a competitive sport called poona and brought it to England, badminton has come a long way and evolved into a highly competitive sport. It is a lawn game which requires a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock.


  1. Basketball


A team sport comprising of five players on each side, basketball is known for its speed, skill, shots, manoeuvres, etc. It has gained rapid popularity and become one of the world’s most viewed sport. Delhi University holds various tournaments and allows maximum participation of students so as to hone their skills.


  1. Boxing

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This sport consists of two people matched in the same weight and ability landing blows with their fists at each other and simultaneously avoiding the punches of the opponents. The boxer wears a padded glove and whoever outscores the opponent or renders him incapable of continuing wins the match.


  1. Cricket

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Comprising of two competing sides of 11 players each, cricket is the most loved sport in the Indian sub-continent. It is observed with an unmatched fervour. This game requires a bat and ball, two sets of three wickets and an umpire to monitor the game.


  1. Football

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It is a team sport where the competing teams try to control the ball and score points by putting it in the opposition’s goalpost. The ball is handled using any part of the body except for the arms and hands. The team that scores most goals wins.


  1. Hockey


Field hockey involves competing for sides using a distinguished hockey stick to manoeuvre the ball or puck into the opponent’s goal. Only a goalkeeper is allowed to use his body to stop the ball whereas the other players have to strictly use the hockey stick.


  1. Volleyball


With six players on each side, players use their hands to volley the ball back and forth over a high net. Whoever allows the ball to touch their court concedes a point to the opposite team. It can be played both indoor and outdoor and requires a minimum of equipment.


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