Delhi School of Social Work Alumni condemn Kapil Mishra’s communal statements and demand his arrest by Delhi Police.

The alumni association of the Delhi School of Social Work (DSSW) has condemned BJP leader Kapil Mishra for tarnishing the respected institute’s image with his “provocative acts and communal statements”.

In a statement issued by the association, its President, Anish Kumar and General Secretary, Ajay Vijay Rahulwad said, “Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi has played an eminent role in addressing the worst situations which occurred during 1947 Partition riots and thereafter in 1984 Sikh Riots. Since 1946 till date, the Social Work Department of Delhi University has given many social workers, activists, academicians, directors, leaders, writers, and bureaucrats to the country who are trying to bring positive changes in the society through their works.”

“…We also have a blot such as our Alumni BJP Leader Kapil Mishra, who has organized recent Delhi riots and incited mob to disturb communal harmony of the city.” In past 3-4 days, the community fabric has been systemically targeted to be destroyed in favour of communalism, and as a consequence of that; many people have lost their lives, thousands of people have lost their homes and livelihood. The mental, emotional and psychological trauma that will stem from these events will be too catastrophic for all the survivors.

“We are ashamed of Kapil Mishra and also that he studied Social Work in our college. The image of our department and social work profession has been tarnished due to his provocative acts and communal statements”, the press release stated. The DSSW fraternity affirms its stance against the hatred, violence and communalism spread by Kapil Mishra who has maligned their profession. They demand Delhi Police to arrest him and take strict action against all such individuals.

Speaking to The Wire, Anish Kumar, president, DSSW alumni association, said, “The association will never invite him and even if he comes some day, we shall protest. As of now, we are working towards providing relief to the affected persons and the victims’ families in Delhi. We are working towards rehabilitating the riot affected. We are also spreading the message of mutual love and brotherhood.”

Kumar said, “Even the Delhi high court asked police to file an FIR against those who are involved in inciting the violence. When the court asked police why there was no FIR against Mishra, it said it is not the right time to do so. It means police is also accepting that Mishra has a role to play but they will not file an FIR against him as of now.”

“We will soon run a campaign and an event with the caption ‘Get Well Soon Kapil Mishra’,” he added.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Paridhi Puri

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